Design Trends – 2020 Round Up & 2021 Forecasts

  • 2 minutes
  • 3 December 2020

This week, we look at what was hot in 2020 and forecast which design trends we expect to blossom in 2021. Take a peek into the future, today…

2020 Design Trends

Ah, 2020; what a year. From fires, to floods, to global pandemics, it seems impossible to recap…but, if  nothing else, we at least saw some killer outdoor design trends!

VogueWall Boundary Wall featuring a pool in Byron Bay NSW

2021 Design Trend Forecast

Now that we’ve seen where we’ve come from, it’s time to look forward; here’s our forecast on what to expect from design trends in 2021!

Residential Feature Boundary Wall with Textured Timber Infills on the EstateWall

Case Study: Textured timber infills for EstateWall boundary

Reclaimed wood

In keeping with the overall shift to sustainability and resourcefulness, reclaimed wood will be in high demand. Polished timbers are on the way out; the aim of the game for 2021 is grain.

Basically, the more textured, the better!

Rustic vibes

Maybe it’s the how intense 2020 has been…but the world of design is softening. Next year, our draw to creature comforts and homey touches will keep growing.

Modern spaces will see rustic touches to bring a little lightness into our lives; think cottage gardens, raw materials, textured finishes and tarnished metals.

Art and craftsmanship

Craftsmanship has been a big response to the market saturation that many consumers are feeling. Gone are the days of mass-manufactured pieces; homeowners are looking for an artistic touch in their homes.

Wall art, sculptures, feature walls; however large (or little) your space is, find a way to introduce a piece of art.

The Block Houses #makeitmodular - Boundary and Pool Feature Wall, with Decorative Tiling and Weatherboard slats

Article: The Block 2020 #makeitmodular in back yard reveals

Global influences

With Mediterranean, Hamptons and Bahamas styles gaining in popularity, worldly inspirations are set to keep climbing. Look beyond your backyard and across the pond; design knows no borders, anymore.

With authenticity and cultural respect staying front of mind, look for unique pieces and styles that evoke an atmosphere, rather than tourist-style pieces.

Raised gardens

While the style of our gardens get a little more wild, the structure of it may move toward a more contained feel. Raised  beds and terraced planters installed in interesting patterns, grids and clusters will bring a stylish edge to your gardens.

This trend pairs beautifully with plants that offer soft, feathery textures, such as rosemary, foxtail grasses, lavender, grevillea and bottle brush.