Indah Island choose EstateWall®for Hamptons Farm Estate

  • 4 minutes
  • 20 October 2020

Grand estates require grand designs. Find out why Indah Island chose to #makeitmodular with an EstateWall boundary wall for their breath-taking Hamptons Farm Estate.

Who is Indah Island?

Natalee Bowen, of Indah Island, is a renowned interior designer in Perth, Australia.

Known as the TV presenter for Open Homes Australia and for her work on other shows such as Ready Set Reno, Dream Homes, Luxury Homes Revealed, Best Houses Australia and Through the Front Gate, Natalee has a unique style that incorporates the classic style of the Hamptons with the tropical, lush vibes of the coast.

What is the Hamptons Farm Estate?

The Hamptons Farm Estate is Indah Island’s latest masterpiece. A few years back, Natalee and her husband had the opportunity to purchase his 5th generation original homestead.

Initially, they thought to update it just enough for a little weekender. However, they soon began dreaming of restoring the home to its former glory. And so it was decided; they would design and create a true Hampton’s style farmhouse amidst the striking setting of Western Australia!

Designing their grand outdoor oasis

When Natalee began envisioning their outdoor oasis, they knew they wanted an element that connected the huge acreage back to the farmhouse.

As their outdoor area contained a pool, there were also certain pool fence compliance requirements that needed to be met. Furthermore, there were areas that required earth-retaining capabilities. However, whilst they wanted a robust boundary, they wanted something that offered a balanced landscape, without overpowering the views.

We were lucky enough to speak with Natalee about her experience with EstateWall and find out why she chose to #makeitmodular.


EstateWall Indah Island


Q. What was the main aspect you were trying to achieve? 

Traditionally, Hamptons houses are built on sprawling acreages. Given the Hamptons farmhouse is so vast, we needed to bring the entertainment area into the house to tie it all together.

Also, we wanted to have a compliant pool fence for the pool area; the modular wall has allowed us to achieve both of these objectives with style.

Q. What guided you to choose a modular wall system over other wall or fencing products? 

The style, the company’s technical support…and the DIY opportunity! Budget is always a key consideration. The fact that the modular wall was DIY provided us with the opportunity to save money on the installation!

Q. What pushed you to decide on the EstateWall® style? 

In choosing the right fence, our key considerations were that the fence was going to match the Hamptons style, provided protection from the wind (given the vast rural property)…and of course, the wall had to look amazing!  The EstateWall has this bold, masonry presence, yet exudes class.


EstateWall Indah Island


Q. How did you find the installation experience?

The delivery was very efficient and beautifully presented. The installation itself was really easy and the instructions were very clear. Plus, the company was always available for any technical support!

Q. Are you happy with the final result?

We are totally in love with the EstateWall; it achieved everything we dreamed of.

As you can see, the wall is very bold and brings the entertainment area into the beautiful Hamptons home, creating a stunning Hamptons estate.

Q. How did you find working with the ModularWalls team?

The ModularWalls company and staff have been so supportive and available to help us throughout the whole process.

We are very honoured to recommend ModularWalls to anyone seeking an amazing, stylish and functional fence.

Indah Island choose EstateWall for Hamptons Farm Estate

EstateWall®; the grand statement

Want to recreate this stunning wall design? Check out all the design details below:

  • Wall style: EstateWall
  • Height: 1.2m
  • Post tops: Flush
  • Wall capping: Flush
  • Finishing details: Spray-painted in ‘WA White’, Dulux Weathershield
  • Additional product customisations: Integrated retaining, modular pedestrian gate