Fencing options for your home

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  • 4 October 2016

Are you thinking about installing a new fence on your property? It might be the finishing touch on your new home. Or you may wish to upgrade your existing fence. Whatever your situation, we’ve put together the following guide on the various fencing options and considerations to help you make an informed decision.

Fencing options - VogueWall boundary wall

ModularWalls VogueWall

Fencing options and considerations for your home

Before you launch directly into the fence-building process, there are several things you should take a moment to consider. First, proper planning will ensure you don’t end up with a fence that doesn’t suit your needs or budget.


Fencing options often include Pool and privacy walls

ModularWalls SlimWall

When it comes to fencing options, consider why you’re actually building one. What are your primary reasons or goals for building a fence on your property?

Do you need a wall or fence for:

There are also aesthetic elements to consider. For example, do you want a ‘decorative’ fence for a feature wall or one that simply gets the job done? (Or perhaps you want the best of both worlds!)

Next, write a checklist of your fence requirements to help with the following considerations.

Do you need a retaining wall?

fencing options - TrendWall retaining wall with TerraFirm panels

ModularWalls TrendWall retaining wall

The type of land you are fencing will affect the kind of fence you choose. For example, a sloped block may need additional considerations, such as a retaining wall.

You may also need to check your council’s rules, regulations and requirements for fencing. In some instances, there may be style, height or boundary restrictions. It’s always best to ensure your plans meet guidelines before beginning your project. Lastly, if sharing a dividing fence, ensure your neighbour agrees with your fence choice and will share the costs before ordering materials.


The time factor is another important consideration. When do you want the fence installation to take place? Do you have a time limit or deadline to meet? 

Some types of fences take much longer to install than others, such as masonry walls. For this reason, your proposed installation time will affect the type of fence you choose and your installation method.


Fencing costs are one of the most important factors when considering fencing options for your home. For example, some fencing materials are significantly more expensive than others, and some installation methods cost more, too.

Working out a total renovation budget and the maximum amount you want to spend on fencing, installation, and customisations is essential to keep your project on track. Alternatively, if you have a small budget, look for ways to reduce costs, such as DIY installation. 

TrendWall boundary wall

ModularWalls TrendWall

Installation method

As mentioned above, you have two installation options: 

  • DIY, where you install the fence yourself.
  • Professional installation, where you hire a fence contractor to install the fence for you. 

Your decision will come down to the type of fence you’re choosing, the budget you have allocated, and your building skills and knowledge.

If you have never done any building before, aren’t confident that you’ll be able to install the fence yourself, or don’t have the time, it’s best to hire a professional. 

Features to compare when considering your fencing options

For every type of fence, there are standard features to compare. Here are some of the most common things you might want to consider:

Noise reduction

EstateWall retaining wall is just one of many fencing options at ModularWalls

ModularWalls EstateWall and retaining wall

Some fencing materials are better at reducing noise than others. If you’re building a fence mainly for privacy, this is a significant advantage to remember when selecting your fence.

For example, ModularWalls’ solid panels help reduce noise reaching neighbours for optimal acoustic fencing compared to timber fences with gaps between palings.

Durability and maintenance

Some fencing materials may look great but have a shorter lifespan than expected. As a result, they may require more maintenance and upkeep on your part. So, keep their longevity in mind when considering the different fencing options. Some important questions are:

  • Will your chosen material withstand extreme heat or reflect too much heat?
  • Will your wall or fence be close to a pool?
  • Do you live in a coastal area?
  • Do you live in an area with strong winds or a cyclonic region?

Aesthetic appearance

Fencing Options can include a VogueWall customised with lights and panelling

Customised ModularWalls VogueWall

As we mentioned briefly above, the appearance of your fence may or may not be important to you. Some fences are very aesthetically impressive, and others are plainer. In addition, a fence can potentially increase your property’s resell value. Therefore, keeping its appearance and aesthetic value in mind may serve you well. By choosing ModularWalls, you can paint your wall or fence to match or complement your home. Or you can customise your fence to create a standout feature and something unique.

ModularWalls fencing options

Depending on your requirements and budget, many fencing options are available, one of which is ModularWalls. There are four main wall styles to choose from for your home:

  • SlimWall
  • TrendWall
  • VogueWall
  • EstateWall
fencing options - EstateWall Boundary Wall

EstateWall boundary wall


When researching fencing options and solutions that suit your needs, there’s a lot to consider, but keeping the above in mind will make things more manageable.