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Residential aesthetics with commercial performance

The BarrierWall enables businesses to combine the pleasing aesthetic of a domestic wall with the scale, resilience and outstanding sound insulation performance of a commercial wall.

The dimensions of the BarrierWall posts give it the ability to achieve a significantly greater height than other modular wall systems, as well as take on much stronger wind loads.

This makes the BarrierWall ideal for commercial applications requiring acoustic barriers of a larger scale, in order to address greater noise pollution challenges encountered by businesses as compared to residential buildings.

In addition to making it much cheaper and easier to install than a conventional masonry structure, the modular nature of the BarrierWall means that it can be used in combination with a range of noise wall panels to customise its performance and achieve specific aesthetic or functional objectives.

The BarrierWall can also be used with self-priming acrylic paint as well as Anti-Graffiti paint, in order to achieve the desired final appearance and make the noise barrier vandalism resistant.

In addition to its aesthetic versatility, the BarrierWall can also incorporate extra features to expand its functionality for commercial purposes, including customised access gates, lighting installations, intercom systems, security cameras and acrylic screens.


  • High acoustic and visual benefits
  • Customise the look and finish
  • Fast construction times
  • Strong and durable
  • Can retain up to 750mm



Our proprietary AcoustiMax composite panel is our core panel solution. With fast installation, superior quality, excellent acoustic properties and designer finish, our AcoustiMax based modular fencing and walling systems are the ideal solutions for architects and designers alike.

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TerraFirm integrates the retaining wall/fence or boundary wall in one seamless design. TerraFirm retaining panels can be built into ModularWalls to accommodate retaining requirements without the need and cost of building a standard masonry retaining wall.

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Typically used for road ways, rail corridors, high traffic areas, or whenever superior impact protection and noise attenuation is required, EnduroMax panels are ultra-high impact and vandal resistant with superior acoustic performance. Panels span up to 4.2 metres and offer superior performance, noise control and aesthetic appeal making them the perfect solution for urban expansion projects.

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Our AcoustiSorb panel is a star performer in the field of sound absorption. The AcoustiSorb panels were designed with a perforated face to absorb sound waves within its core material, resulting in an NRC rating > 0.9. With a panel span that can reach 3 metres high, the lightweight yet robust construction of the panels are perfect for numerous noise abatement solutions.

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  • Specifications
  • Installation
  • Commercial Brochure
  • Road & Rail Brochure
Post TypeSteel
Wall post width250mm
Wall heightUp to 4500mm
Post Centres2500 or 3100mm when used with
AcoustiMax or EnduroMax

up to 4000mm when used with
CorroLink or AcoustiSorb
Fire ClassBAL 29

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Download our Road & Rail Brochure.


Projects Using BarrierWall

Smart noise barrier for Aldi

When the discount supermarket was looking for a smarter solution to shield the neighbouring residents from unwanted car park and loading dock noise, it enlisted the noise abatement leaders, ModularWalls.

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Visuals meet acoustics to protect McDonald’s restaurant from railway

McDonald’s at Sandgate borders a train line at the rear. The wall was to serve a dual purpose of sound attenuation from the train line at the rear as well as provide visual security for both boundaries.

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BarrierWall™ road noise wall offers quick and easy installation for land development

The client required a 3.6m noise wall between lot developments that offered a quick and easy installation, due to overhead power lines and tight time constraints between DA approval and hand over.

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