Eye-catching BarrierWall makes a splash at SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre

  • 2 minutes
  • 7 May 2019

The SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre required an aesthetically versatile acoustic barrier wall to overcome the common site issues associated with typical block wall construction, for a more cost-effective price than traditional masonry.


Due to the underground maze of pipework along the boundary line, traditional masonry strip footings were not a viable option. However, the unique post and panel construction of ModularWalls’ acoustically-rated BarrierWall offered the perfect solution to this site-specific challenge.

ModularWalls worked synergetically with both the key client and their architect, Candetti Group, to provide a customised solution.

For Candetti, the SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre was a trailblazer project, representing, “the accumulation of their skills and technology…15 months of construction and over 100 million dollars in value.” Therefore, it was imperative that the acoustic barrier was engineered for high performance, whilst also delivering a premium, striking aesthetic.

ModularWalls’ BarrierWall provided the perfect design, with the AcoustiMax acoustic wall panels delivering a sophisticated, commercial-grade noise reduction solution. Custom posts were formed to provide a stepped look that added visual depth and accentuated the colour scheme,  harmonising perfectly with the eye-catching exterior design.

BarrierWall SA-aquatic-centre

As commercial developments continue to collide with residential dwellings, ModularWalls is committed to assisting businesses with innovative, custom-designed noise abatement solutions.

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