Open Homes Australia feature Natalee Bowen

  • 4 minutes
  • 23 December 2020

Mark and Natalee Bowen, from Indah Island sat down with Open Homes Australia on 9Life to reveal how they created their gorgeous resort feel landscape in the heart of rural WA. When designing the Hampton’s Farm Estate, they were both incredibly excited about the amount of land that they could explore and the ability to bring in the natural surroundings that they had on offer. The design is centred around a luxury resort feel, so each time you walk in the door it feels like a holiday at home. Dave Franklin, from Franklin Landscape and Design, came onboard which helped kick start a great landscape design, that stayed true to the look and feel of the house.

Here are some stand out features that Mark and Natalee Bowen from Indah Island discuss with Open Homes Australia on 9Life, which complemented the overall design of the Hampton Farm Estate’s landscape.

EstateWall Hamptons Farm Estate Indah Island

The boundary wall: EstateWall® by ModularWalls

EstateWall; as its name suggests creates a grand entrance to any home. Known for its large posts for grand designs; EstateWall is perfect for those looking for an elegant blend of distinction and sophistication. At the Hampton’s Farm Estate, it provided the perfect backdrop to the design and gave the designer resort feel that Mark and Natalee Bowen were after.

“On driving up to the estate, one of the first things you see is this incredible ModularWalls and it is actually called an EstateWall and it has just incubuses the whole design of the landscape and give it that huge, beautiful designer resort feel” — Natalee Bowen, Indah Island.

EstateWall Hamptons Farm Estate Indah Island - natalee bowen

The turf: Urban Turf Solutions

Urban Turf Solutions’ yarn is soft to feel yet robust in nature; which makes it not only suitable for the harsh Australian landscape; it also looks naturally green all year round. Providing the latest technology in UV stabilised materials, this synthetic turf helps to protect against fading in harsh climates; like the one faced at the Hampton’s Farm Estate.

“Then the next thing that you see is this amazing greenery from the Urban Turf, one of the things we both love, probably you (Mark Bowen) more than me, is that there is no maintenance. So there is no water, no maintenance. When it’s down. It’s down. And it just gives off a beautiful green shine to the rest of the home and it starts again to set the tone of the whole house itself” — Natalee Bowen, Indah Island.

EstateWall Hamptons Farm Estate Indah Island

The front entrance: Franklin Landscape and Design

Industry award winner and part of the Franklin Group, Franklin Landscape and Design create and design quality and inspiring spaces that complement the home. Dave Franklin worked with Natalee and Mark on their landscape design, in particular the front stairs of the Hampton’s Farm Estate. The end result created a gorgeous look and feel for the front of the house bringing the old and new together.

“…So, what we did, it was a genius move, is that we had the beautiful old stairs in front of the house, and he said (Dave Franklin), why don’t we duplicate that. And for us it was just a such a beautiful memorial to go back to the original home that then set the tone for the balance of seeing that little cottage then allowing that to work through to the rest of the home; right the way through. So, genius move by Dave being able to design those stairs to create that gorgeous look and feel of the front of the house.” — Natalee Bowen, Indah Island.

Indah Island | BBQ Area - natalee bowen

The BBQ area: Indah Island

Mark and Natalee Bowen wanted to have place where they can create memories for generations to come. The fireplace with chimney became the focal point and stand out to the whole landscape design and it is where they could see their family having BBQs, reminiscing, and creating memories for their kids and future generations.

“…a BBQ area, a place where memories were really going to set for the rest of the generations that we had, and so to actually build that it was going to be a standout element of this whole area and a real focal point to the whole backyard, so to get that right it was really important”.  — Natalee Bowen, Indah Island.

Open Homes Australia on 9Life – Season 4. This episode aired 19th December 2020 and is available on 9Now.