Top 10 garden party ideas to inspire your Melbourne Cup event

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Celebrate a national event and the flourish of spring with a Melbourne Cup event! No matter if it’s in a luscious park, an intimate courtyard or in the office – with a little elegance and extravagance, you can capture the spring spirit in any setting. Find inspiration for your Melbourne Cup event in our top 10 favourite garden party ideas.


1. Flower power

Spring is the season of bloom – your garden party should be set in a thriving space! Fill the area with flowers, buds and ferns for a lush, lively atmosphere.

If your space isn’t particularly garden-laden, consider hiring potted plants or green walls, or buying large bouquets of flowers for the day.

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2. Fashions on the Field photo backdrop

No one can resist getting an Insta-worthy snap of themselves dressed to the nines and standing against one of the lush photo backdrops around the racecourse grounds. With a little imagination, you too can create a stage out of an ordinary space.

Turn a swing set into a flowery frame; hang a gauze curtain against the meeting-room whiteboard; decorate a hedge, fence or trellis with some bright roses.  Find a way to show off your threads and flaunt that fascinator!

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3. Keep it fresh

Stick to finger foods that are light, fun and social with appetisers and canapes that perfectly showcase the fresh flavours of spring. Here are some of our favourites:

Prawn pita bites (pictured above)
Individual crudité and dip bread cups (pictured above)
Mini bruchetta
Watermelon fetta salad cubes 
Aranchini balls
Caprese salad bites
Plum & brie crostini
‘Moneybag’ meatballs
Bacon & blue cheese stuffed mushrooms

4. Graze away

Don’t really feel like cooking, or working with limited kitchen facilities? The grazing table trend is a beautiful way to keep guests satisfied and add an atmosphere of decadence to the event.

They're surprisingly easy to throw together, as well!

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5. Who's ready for a top up?

Everyone appreciates a chilled, fun drink in the sun. Create a DIY cocktail station with wine, champagne, spirits, juices and flavour toppers – such as berries, lemon & lime wedges or passionfruit pulp – so your guests can make their perfect beverage.

For an extra special station, stick to a theme – mimosas, sangria or martinis work perfectly.

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9. Make way for the Beer-Barrow 

Race day events embrace rustic decor, taking rural elements and adding an elegant twist.

Leave the trusty blue esky for beach days and camping adventures and get creative; keep your iced beers in tin buckets, a wheelbarrow, or even a feeding trough!

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7. Shake it like a...

Polaroid picture stations are a fun way for your guests to snap candid photos and create wonderful mementos of your event.

Use yarn and mini-pegs so your guests can display their snaps and maybe even supply a small collection of race-themed prop-sticks -- such as extravagant fascinators or big wads of winnings -- for extra laughs.

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8. Branch out

If you have an outdoor event, decorate some trees early this year and hang decorations from any established plants or trees in your garden.

If you're working with an indoor space, find unexpected places to hang tissue paper pom poms or light, artificial plants. 

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9. Floating around

If your outdoor area includes a pool or water feature, consider decorating them with floating decorations.

Candles, flower arrangements and balloons peacefully glide across the surface and are mirrored in the water’s reflection, adding a dreamy element to your space.

(image sources: left - right)

10. It's about to start!

Last – but definitely not least – make sure you don’t miss the race!

Make sure there's a screen nearby to join the rest of the nation in cheerfully backing that hopeful winner of yours. 

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Written by Evelyn Kandris


Garden party ideas aren’t the only way to add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space with our exquisite wall solutions.

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