Design Trend – Outdoor Bar Cart

  • 3 minutes
  • 8 February 2019

Design trends of late have focused intently on supporting comfortable and connected indoor outdoor lifestyles. Following the theme of extending indoor comforts out into your backyard, outdoor bar carts are fast becoming a staple item for outdoor entertaining and living areas.

Read on to find out how to choose the perfect bar cart for your home and how it can truly accentuate your outdoor lifestyle!

Outdoor bar cart designs

It’s important to consider which style of bar cart would best accentuate your home. For instance:

  • if your home follows minimalist design values, metal designs with clean lines and masculine undertones work well
  • for coastal, bohemian or resort style homes, rattan bar carts can accentuate the tropical atmosphere
  • if your design theme is heading towards a glamorous art deco vibe, a classic design with glass trays, gold framing and embellished detailing may suit
  • for rustic or Nordic homes, consider wooden designs with clean white or glass accents

Decide what sort of material will be most durable for your outdoor bar cart

Choosing the right materials

The location and use of the bar cart are also important factors. If your cart will be exposed to the elements, you may need a hardier cart made from weather-treated materials.

However, if it will it be in a sheltered, protected area, or to be used outside but stored indoors, you can indulge in a more decorative design.

SlimWall Andrew Winter

How to style your outdoor bar cart

There are endless ways to style your bar cart; if you don’t believe us, just check out Pinterest! Some of our favourite ideas include:

  • fresh floral arrangements
  • miniature potted herbs
  • vintage glass- and barware
  • artisan ceramics and vases
  • designer serving sets
  • candles and lanterns

Consider how you want your bar cart to be used; will it be stationary or portable? Will it be undercover or exposed to the weather? Is it something you’d like to update regularly or would you prefer a low maintenance design?

All these questions will help you determine what may work best for you and your lifestyle.

Bar Cart - Round Design

Fun outdoor entertaining ideas

The entertaining potential of this seemingly simple furniture item is truly exciting! Some fun ideas include:

  • Celebrate the roaring ’20s with art deco glassware and vases of ostrich feathers and pampas grass
  • Head to the tropics with fruity punches, nips of rum and vases of monstera deliciosa, bird of paradise or palm fronds
  • Create an instant poolside bar with frozen cocktails, buckets of frosty beers or homemade smoothie stations with fresh fruit chunks
  • Warm your winter nights with Irish coffees and hot chocolates, or mulled drinks
  • Host your own high tea brunch with finger foods and bottomless bubbles
  • Dust off the china and throw a scone-filled tea party.
Ziggy Bar Cart - Koko Collective

DIY bar carts

Unless you’re taking advantage of the affordable Kmart range of bar carts, they can be quite a pricey item. However, with a little imagination and creativity, you can craft your own DIY cart! Some easy repurposing projects include:

  • laundry trolley
  • wine barrel
  • timber ladder
  • old occasional or side tables
  • small bookshelf
  • changing table