Design Trend – 2019 Recap & Design Trends 2020 Forecast!

  • 5 minutes
  • 6 December 2019

Peek into the past; peer into the future. Join us as we look back at our favourite Design Trends of 2019 and dive into our Design Trends 2020 Forecast!


Relive the Design Trends of 2019…

Outdoor Bar Carts
Find out how this simple furniture item can open a world of potential…

Rattan Outdoor Furniture
Explore how to weave rattan furniture into your outdoor space!

Climbing Plants
Breathe fresh life into your outdoor space with this classic yet dramatic combination of climbers and trellis wire!

Breeze Blocks
Easy, breezy, beautiful; from mid-century modern vibes to art deco flair, explore the intricate beauty of breeze blocks!

Outdoor Feature Tiles
Herringbone and basketweave and fish scale, oh my! Dive into the enchanting world of feature tiles with us…

Tiled EstateWall | Three Birds House 10 | Feature walls

Smart Gardens
Welcome to the future; explore all the ways smart garden technology can support your appreciation of the natural world, rather than compete with it!

Living Coral; Pantone Colour of the Year 2019
The Pantone Colour of the Year is far from subtle, but there are still simple ways to organically integrate Living Coral into any outdoor space…

Mediterranean Style
The ultimate stay-cation you’ve been waiting for; check out how to bring exotic Mediterranean magic into your own home!

Dulux Colour Forecast 2020
Do you prefer the lightness of Grounded, or the lush depths of Cultivate? Choose your favourite palette as we deep-dive into the Dulux Colour Forecast 2020.

Byron Bay Style
Celebrate slow, purposeful living and natural aesthetics, whilst uncovering the lifestyle lessons hidden within Byron Bay style!

VogueWall Byron Bay NSW | Designory | Timber Batten Feature Walls

…and explore our Design Trends 2020 Forecast!



biophilia (n.): an innate and genetically determined affinity of human beings with the natural world.

As we move into the ’20s, we yearn to reconnect with spaces that nourish us. As a result, we will see a continued significance with all things natural; timber, stone, organic materials and – most importantly – an abundance of plants.



Our homes are a place to recharge; with this in mind, there will be a desire to create spaces that support us to slow down, realign and me in the present moment.

Conscious consumer concepts will also continue to flourish in 2020. Therefore, there will be an emphasis on making sustainable choices, reducing wasteful practices, supporting Australian companies and investing in durability over convenience or short-term affordability.


Small gardens

You don’t need a sprawling block to indulge in the revitalising world of biophilia! Small pop-up gardens are becoming more frequent in Aussie homes. If you’re looking to add more green space to you home, some potential locations include:

  • Balcony gardens
  • Rooftop gardens
  • Internal courtyard gardens
  • Bathroom sandbox gardens
  • Foyer gardens
  • House facade planter boxes
  • Kitchen counter-top edible garden
  • Screening plants along the side of the home
  • Vertical gardens & green walls
DIY Ideas – How to Build a Drought Tolerant Garden | ModularWalls

Article: How to build a drought tolerant garden

Drought tolerant gardens

Investigating further into plant choice trends, gardens will move toward low maintenance, drought tolerant plants. As the drought progresses, thirstier plants will struggle, needing to be moved to pots, protected under shade or replaced with more sustainable choices; think Palm Springs succulents, Aussie natives and textured ornamental grasses.


Warmer neutrals

Next year, neutrals are shifting from cool whites and greys to warmer, earthier tones. Think of sun-drenched hay fields, sandy beaches and dusty dirt roads; or simply explore Dulux’s Grounded palette for more neutral inspo.


Calming, nature inspired palettes

Once again, the Dulux Colour Forecast 2020 is ringing true; Cultivate and Comeback set the tone for next year’s colour palettes, embracing the lush shades of nature.

Whilst contrasting spot colours might be used for visual effect, the overall palettes for 2020 will focus on shades found in the natural world, embracing blues and greens against the aforementioned earthy neutrals.

Design Trends 2019 Recap & Design Trends 2020 Forecast | ModularWalls

Case Study: The Designory Choose ModularWalls for Byron Bay Villa

Darker canvases

However, when it comes to landscaping canvases — fences, boundary walls, feature walls, privacy screens — we’re seeing a shift from the clean white to a darker charcoal. For instance, the dark ModularWalls canvas has been used recently by both The Designory’s Barefoot Bay Villa and The Block’s Alisa & Lysanda, in their Design Duo reno.

It’s also far easier to keep clean! Just beware of using a true black; the intensity can overwhelm a space with too stark a contrast and steal the show.


Large scale art and wall murals

Speaking of canvases, walls and fences are getting some character of their own. Feature tiles, cladding, murals, mosaics and wall art will make a big comeback within designer boundaries and feature walls.


Performance fabrics

Expanding on the concept of mindfulness and sustainability, the issue of waste reduction is another hot topic. Performance fabrics will become a popular choice for educated consumers looking to make quality purchasing decisions and reduce unsustainable product turnover.

Also known as smart fabrics or interactive textiles, these innovative materials have been engineered for stain resistance, abrasion resistance, thermo-performance (both heating or cooling), water-resistance, UV resistance, colour retention, wrinkle-resistance and even antibacterial properties.

Say goodbye to single-season outdoor furniture; say hello to highly aesthetic, high performance alternatives that can be reused or recycled for many years to come.

Three Birds Renovations - VogueWall Privacy Screen Chosen for House 11 | ModularWalls

Video: Three Birds Renovations create VogueWall zones for House 11

Zoned backyards

With the celebration of organic, open plan living spaces comes the heightened need for defined, functional living zones; especially in backyards. Instead of a single, large, multi-functional space, the trend will shift toward zoning your backyard for various uses.

This design trend 2020 forecast is something we’re already noticing in the renovation world; in fact, zoning was a huge feature in Three Birds Renovation’s House 11 and Little Dwelling’s DIY backyard reno! With people’s busy schedules and tight budgets, homeowners are tackling outdoor renovations one zone at a time, instead of uprooting their entire outdoor area at once.