A ‘eureka’ moment for the world of retaining walls

  • 2 minutes
  • 30 May 2016

ModularWalls brings to market the first modular, lightweight, integrated retaining walls ever! An all-in-one fence and retaining wall solution delivering the look of a rendered wall, with the possibility to DIY!

Slopes can create many challenges when designing a functional garden and usable outdoor space. ModularWalls have a solution that stylishly integrates a retaining wall and fence or boundary wall in one seamless design. There is no need for a strip footing anymore!

Utilising TerraFirm panels within our wall and fence systems can seamlessly integrate the retaining panels with your wall or fence requirement. The result ensures maximum use of the land area and elevates the aesthetic outcome of your project. Subsequently, integrating retaining into your acoustic barrier or boundary solutions will minimise trades on-site and achieve overall project savings.

Retaining walls - Integrated retaining wall

Alternatively, our retaining walls can also be standalone, providing an easy-to-install and eye-pleasing substitute to traditional brick walls.

Retaining walls - Kate Sparks standalone retaining wall

Kate Sparks DIY standalone retaining wall

Furthermore, this integrated retaining solution is perfect for commercial applications. The ModularWalls retaining panels are lightweight reinforced composite panels, enabling faster construction with less machinery and labour requirements. Plus, they can be used with corresponding modular posts or structural steel, as demonstrated in this residential development.

ModularWalls retaining solutions boost functionality, level lots, and create visual interest through tiered gardens.