A VogueWall® twist creates a bold front yard fence

  • 1 minute
  • 20 December 2015

When planning a new front yard fence, this Bryon resident wanted the front yard fence to stand out from all others. The brief was for the wall to have a modern, designer edge. Equally important was the front yard fence to replicate a grand masonry wall and intrinsically match the home’s design. Lastly, creating privacy and maximising the use of their front yard space was critical.

VogueWall ByronBay NSW - front yard fence

The result was a VogueWall with flush post capping and beautifully stained timber posts connecting seamlessly with the overall house design. Matching the timber from the window frames and garage door complements the home’s aesthetic. Overall, the wall was incredibly cost-effective compared to brick masonry walls.

VogueWall ByronBay NSW - front yard fence

This front fence also highlights ModularWalls’ expressed joint feature. The expressed joint profile takes the usual wall joining system and thus creates an architectural feature between the horizontal panels. The wall placement and clever landscaping clearly define the home’s boundary and allow the owners to utilise every inch of the property.

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