AcoustiSorb® Noise Reducing Fence

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  • 3 March 2023

When the constant thrum of a neighbour’s air-conditioner became impossible to live with, a ModularWalls AcoustiSorb noise reducing fence became the obvious solution. Therefore, Sydney based fence contractor Style Fencing devised a discreet solution to reduce unwanted sound while preserving the home’s sophisticated look and feel.

AcoustiSorb - Residential Noise Reducing Fence

From ‘easy breezy’ to ‘maddeningly noisy’

The home’s design is light, bright and contemporary, taking full advantage of its stunning waterside location. The living space opens on three sides via floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors to capture uninterrupted views of the bay below. The interiors flow seamlessly to a charming alfresco area and lawn courtyard. It’s the perfect summer house, offering easy-breezy indoor-outdoor living. However, when a neighbour installed a 20kW air conditioning unit right against the boundary fence, ‘easy-breezy’ quickly turned into ‘maddeningly noisy’.

In order to regain their indoor-outdoor lifestyle, the homeowners approached Style Fencing to design and install a noise reducing fence. They wanted a solution to dampen the constant humming without compromising the view or the elegant aesthetic of their home.

‘Whenever the aircon was running, the clients had to keep all doors and windows closed. It was the only way to block out the constant noise of the aircon’s motor,’ explains Matt from Style Fencing. ‘They couldn’t enjoy quiet summer evenings outdoors, which was problematic when entertaining.’

A premium solution for a noise reducing fence

Given the severity and proximity of the noise, Style Fencing recommended ModularWalls’ AcoustiSorb® panels for the noise reducing fence. As a premium sound-absorbing product, AcoustiSorb is routinely used in industrial settings to attenuate the noise of heavy machinery. But it is also becoming increasingly popular for noise reduction in residential applications, thanks to its lightweight design.

The high-performance panels comprise a PET sound absorbing core encased in a robust, perforated aluminium body. With an NRC of 0.95, sound waves are eliminated rather than reflected. Furthermore, as well as significantly reducing noise, an AcoustiSorb® noise reducing fence will look great for years. Not to mention, the design ensures fuss-free installation compared to masonry walls.

AcoustiSorb Noise Reducing Fence

Planning and installation of the noise reducing fence

Due to the existing masonry wall, Style Fencing devised a custom solution in consultation with an engineer to ensure it would support the additional load of the AcoustiSorb® fence. 

Once that box was ticked, we came up with a custom fastening solution to create the noise reducing fence,’ Matt says. ‘We used base plates and booker rods. It’s all engineered and sits flush against the existing masonry wall.’ 

At 1.2 metres above the existing masonry wall, the AcoustiSorb panels span the entire boundary (14.7 metres). Then, once in place, the back of the fence was finished with Dulux Monument to ensure consistency with the existing wall.

As a result, the AcoustiSorb® fence effectively absorbs the noise from next door, allowing the homeowner to continue enjoying their water views in peace.

AcoustiSorb - Noise Reducing Fence

The sound of silence

Matt says the home’s owners are thrilled with the performance and look of their AcoustiSorb® noise reducing fence. Not only does it successfully cancel out the aircon noise, but it’s also visually unobtrusive, forming an elegant backdrop for their ornamental plantings.

‘The client couldn’t be happier with the results – they’re able to have all the doors open again without being disturbed by excessive noise.’

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