Miguel Maestre chooses EstateWall®DIY front wall

  • 2 minutes
  • 19 February 2019

From Channel 10’s The Living Room, Miguel Maestre required a sturdy, secure DIY front wall to boost privacy and security to protect his young family from the busy main road.

While his priority was to keep his children safe and reduce traffic noise, he also wanted a premium wall solution that would harmonise with the modern architectural aesthetic of his newly built home. Miguel approached his best friend, master builder and DIY guru Barry Du Bois, to devise a fast, affordable solution. Because of the urgent nature of the project, and their limited spare time, Barry called ModularWalls, knowing they design and supply rapid DIY solutions.

Miguel Maestre chooses EstateWallsup®sup DIY front wall for privacy and security

The EstateWall front wall directly responded to Miguel’s request for a sturdy privacy wall and provided maximum security for his family. The robust posts delivered a grand aesthetic that perfectly reflected the level of security he was after. Additionally, the cementitious surface of the panels provided a premium render-look finish that perfectly complemented his home.

So, with Barry’s help, the DIY installation was quick and simple. Not to mention, it dramatically cut costs, leaving ample budget for the rest of the landscaping. The front wall uses the same exterior paint as the house for aesthetic consistency. Then the final customisations, including aluminium slats, gates, lighting, and a letterbox, were added.

Watch the video and see how the DIY front wall enhances Miguel’s home!

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