TrendWall® offers durable and affordable fencing solution for coastal homes

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  • 8 January 2019

For this stunning coastal home, a TrendWall delivered a durable, yet affordable, premium fencing solution. Idyllically situated along the Port Hacking River, the renovation of this waterfront area posed many site-specific challenges, including restricted site access and a highly corrosive environment. However, the TrendWall system, an Australian Made product specifically designed to withstand the harsh climates of our beautifully fierce country, overcame each and every concern.


Restricted site access

Like many waterfront homes, this homeowner faced unique challenges when it came to the delivery of materials and equipment. The only two options were to carry them by hand, or via barge, which came with incredibly high costs.

However, due to its lightweight, modular nature, TrendWall was able be carried, sparing the hefty price of barge delivery. The modular solution provided further savings by its manual installation with simple hand tools, negating the need for the transport of equipment or machinery. Lastly, its virtually waste-free installation process avoided the costs of waste removal.

TrendWall - perfect for coastal homes

Corrosive coastal environments

‘Australian environmental conditions can be harsh, but that doesn’t mean you need harsh materials. You can have a wall that’s beautiful and strong, and we’re really excited to bring that to the Australian market with our high-quality products.’ – Jason Harvey, Executive Director of ModularWalls

By choosing an Aluminium post option, the homeowner achieved greater rust resistance against the constant salt spray. Furthermore, even with a whopping 85% of Australians living coastally, many ‘Aussie Proof’ fences are actually not covered by warranty if situated within 1km from the coast. However, this was not a worry for TrendWall, with ModularWalls offering an extended 10-year warranty with your fence — no matter where you call home.


Premium aesthetics

This home was a newly renovated treasure of modern architecture, with expansive views of the river and Royal National Park. Therefore, it was also of utmost importance to the homeowner that its premium aesthetic values were maintained.

The TrendWall effortlessly delivered a high-end appearance, framing both the home and its picturesque views. The custom panels were prefinished in aluminium skins, achieving a unique finish that gleam subtly against the calm, rippling river.

TrendWall - perfect for coastal homes

Australian Made products for Australian landscapes; from coastal homes, to cyclonic wind regions, to bushfire zones, we’ve got you covered.

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