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Premium fencing for waterfront home in Hope Island, QLD

8 June 2018

1 Min

Hope Island, QLD, is exactly how it sounds; made from the stuff of dreams. With winding rivers and lakes, this waterfront community is the epitome of Gold Coast living. For one couple, Hope Island is the setting of their dream retirement lifestyle. To frame their gorgeous new home and provide privacy around their outdoor pool area, they chose the simple yet stylish SlimWall premium fencing system.



The SlimWall fence offered the perfect level of privacy, without creating an imposing atmosphere. Along with its noise reduction properties, Mike and Helen’s outdoor space became a protected, serene haven to enjoy a stunning sunrise over a cup of coffee, or watch lazy sailboats float past.

Due to its minimal footing requirements and simple post and panel components, it easily fit along the tight boundaries of the home and minimised disruption during installation. As Mike put it, “It was quick and it was easy…the wall just popped up! That was it!”




Privacy, serenity, security or style; it’s never ‘just a wall’. Our premium fencing and wall systems help you complete your dream outdoor space.