Avoiding budget blowouts when building luxe outdoor living spaces

  • 3 minutes
  • 29 April 2016

Creating luxe outdoor areas is on every homeowner’s wish list, yet achieving the look can come at an escalating price. When the desired result calls for a masonry fence with retaining walls and terraced gardens, budget blowouts can occur quickly.

ModularWalls has a product that meets the brief on all counts. It’s not only quick and easy to install – meaning contractors will save on labour costs – it also delivers a superb, upmarket masonry effect that will impress discerning clients. Landscapers can now suggest a contemporary and affordable alternative to basic metal and timber fencing products for a sophisticated exterior solution that elegantly frames the home.

‘The project took just three days to complete and cost less than half of a masonry wall.’

Homeowner, Alf Thomas, was blown away by the results achieved by using ModularWalls.  The panels were recently used to complete his luxe outdoor area, which presented many challenges.

According to Mr. Thomas, “I initially had no idea what to expect and while the finished result oozes class and sophistication, I was simply hoping to smarten up the area by removing an old fence that was half brick, half brown Colorbond. The site also had some specific issues that needed addressing and I was unsure how we would overcome these.”

Thomas did extensive research in his effort to overcome the barriers of cost and installation time. Replacing the fence with metal fencing or brickwork was considered, however, metal didn’t offer the desired aesthetics and the masonry brick wall would definitely result in budget blowouts.

“Metal would have clashed with other existing materials on site. While a masonry fence would have provided a sturdy framework, the project would require footings, engineering drawings and a council DA application. The latter option would have stretched the project out for weeks and involved multiple suppliers.”

The home also backed onto a freeway, which meant the home was affected by continuous traffic noise. With proven acoustic benefits, ModularWalls was able to block the noise four times more effectively than other common fencing products. This had a profound effect in creating a sense of tranquility in the home’s outdoor area.

Given the dimensions of the Bangor home, a masonry wall would have cost more than $30,000 and taken at least two weeks to have approved by the council and erected. Opting for ModularWalls with TerraFirm retaining wall panels resulted in significant cost and time savings.  The project took just three days to complete and cost less than half of a masonry wall.  It was supplied, installed and painted for $12,000!

Mr. Thomas has been extremely impressed with the result which has exceeded all his expectations. Not only has ModularWalls delivered a stunning look, Mr Thomas has been surprised by the product’s fantastic versatility with the ability to channel concealed wiring for lights and outdoor speakers.

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