Art Deco house goes modular  

  • 4 minutes
  • 8 July 2021

It’s no easy task to honour traditional architectural design and add a modern twist, especially in terms of fencing. However, ModularWalls easily meets the challenge for this Art Deco house in Victoria.

EstateWall Front Wall - Art Deco House

A plan takes shape

With multiple challenges and different design styles to achieve, the owners of this Art Deco house worked with Jim’s Fencing Essendon West and builder Mayché Luxury Homes for the perfect fencing solution.

Firstly, the homeowners needed to replace the 1930’s brick fence at the front of the house that was falling down. At the same time, they wanted to keep the existing steel decorative infills to maintain the Art Deco style on the front façade. Secondly, the home needed a new boundary fence to match the style of the modern extension at the rear of the house.

SlimWall boundary fence

The Art Deco house vs modern design

Replacing the brick fence at the front of this Art Deco house would be costly and time-consuming. Therefore, the homeowners opted for the versatility ModularWalls EstateWall offers. EstateWall is a cost-effective alternative to rendered masonry. Plus, the post system means no strip footings are required, cutting installation time compared to a rendered brick wall. Additionally, the existing steel decorative infills were reused, integrating beautifully with the EstateWall, and maintaining the Art Deco house aesthetic.

The next challenge involved finding a suitable boundary fence for the modern extension at the rear of the home. The boundary fence also needed to provide a contemporary backdrop to the backyard pool. Therefore, SlimWall with aluminium posts was a fantastic choice for the pool area. The aluminium posts are corrosion resistant and, therefore, perfect for pool and coastal locations. Another advantage of choosing SlimWall was building the boundary fence to 2.1metres, which gave the family complete privacy from the house next door. This height, combined with the solid SlimWall panels, also means minimal noise will carry over to the neighbours. Therefore, the family of this Art Deco house can enjoy playing in the pool to their heart’s content.   

EstateWall Front Wall - Art Deco House

Design versatility gives an Art Deco house a modern twist

It’s not often you can achieve different fence styles with one fence material. However, the owners of this Art Deco house chose ModularWalls for its versatility and aesthetics. Plus, the freedom ModularWalls offers to customise the fence in a style of their choosing.

‘We believe that ModularWalls are aesthetically the best fencing product on the market. You have the freedom to finish the panels in so many ways to create the exact look your project requires. We have a period property with a modern extension, so we needed a product we could use with both styles.’ — The Katsavos Family

SlimWall boundary fence

A winning combination for this Art Deco house

To achieve the style this stunning Art Deco house deserves, the front EstateWall is customised using a textured Dulux paint to emulate the look of a rendered brick wall. Additionally, the SlimWall boundary fence provides a sleek backdrop to the pool area with Dulux Domino to complement the home’s exterior.

From the ease of ordering ModularWalls to the seamless installation offered by a professional fence installer such as Jim’s Fencing, the owners couldn’t be happier with the result.

‘My favourite thing about the walls is the aesthetic they create. They fit perfectly with the 1930’s front façade and the modern extension at the rear of our home. We would recommend ModularWalls to anyone thinking of using them.’ — The Katsavos Family

All in all, if you’re after a versatile fence or wall, ModularWalls offers a wide range of solutions for your home.

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