Level up your yard: the best retaining walls for uneven ground

  • 3 minutes
  • 13 July 2023

Designing a functional and appealing outdoor space can be challenging, particularly when faced with uneven ground or a sloping block. However, with the help of ModularWalls’ versatile retaining walls, you can transform your outdoor area into a welcoming, level landscape. So, keep reading to discover how ModularWalls can help overcome uneven ground or a sloping block to create your dream outdoor space. 

Why levelling uneven ground with ModularWalls is a great idea 

Maximise usable space:  

Firstly, levelling uneven ground increases your ratio of usable outdoor space, allowing you to maximise your front or backyard area. You could install a deck or pool, create garden beds, create an outdoor entertaining area or kitchen, and set up a play area by preparing a level surface. Read more on levelling uneven ground by hand. 

Increasing property value:  

Secondly, landscaping and levelling sloping ground can increase the value of your property. A level outdoor space instantly appeals to families and those who love to entertain outdoors, attracting potential buyers and setting the tone for the rest of your home. A pristine, functional landscape elevates the exterior of your home, making it more desirable and potentially leading to a higher property value. 

Improved drainage: 

Finally, addressing drainage issues and managing water flow protects your landscaping and yard structure from potential water damage.  You can also redirect moisture away from your home’s foundation by levelling your yard, preventing potential erosion and water pooling.  

TrendWall retaining wall illustrating the levelling of uneven ground in a backyard

Read the case study: Kate Sparks DIY retaining wall 

The benefits of using ModularWalls to level uneven ground

Strength and durability: 

ModularWalls’ TerraFirm retaining panels can retain 500mm to 750mm* (always ensure correct drainage is in place). Whether you’d like a standalone or integrated retaining wall, ModularWalls has a solution to suit your needs:  

Enhanced aesthetics: 

VogueWall boundary wall

ModularWalls offers a wide range of options so that you can create a stylish and attractive environment, with the opportunity to customise the walls to suit your style. So, whether your tastes lean toward sleek and modern or timeless and classic designs, ModularWalls provide versatility and choice to design and create your ideal outdoor area.  

A few customisation options include: 

  • Integrated lighting  
  • Tiling 
  • Stone Cladding 


Integrated solutions with residential walls and fences  for uneven ground 

By choosing ModularWalls, you can select an integrated or standalone retaining wall in the same style as your ModularWalls boundary fence or wall, creating a uniform look for your yard and home. Additionally, ModularWalls’ integrated solution also offers time and cost efficiencies by removing the need for separate installations. A few examples include:  

  • As mentioned above, a standalone retaining wall is a great option to level a certain area of your yard for more usable space.  
  • An integrated retaining wall is the perfect solution for a boundary fence on a sloping block.  

Integrated retaining wall

So, regardless of the retaining wall you need, take the first step to level uneven ground and welcome a new era of outdoor enjoyment. 

*ModularWalls residential retaining walls can retain between 500mm to 750mm. As each site differs, always speak to our team regarding specific retaining requirements.