Pool area ideas inspired by Slim Aarons’ photography

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  • 10 October 2018

If you’re after pool area ideas for this summer, look to the greats for inspiration. The iconic photography of Slim Aarons perfectly captures the timeless, summery nostalgia of mid-century modern pool areas. Hidden in these mesmerising photos are incredible pool design ideas, from unique swimming pool shapes, to pool landscaping ideas, to retro outdoor furniture!


Pool Area Inspo from Slim Aaron's Photography | ModularWalls

Photo credit: Slim Aarons / GettyImages

Mid-century modern themes

The values of mid-century modern design have come back in a huge way, boasting straight lines, minimalist furniture and large, open spaces. For this look, keep to simple, rectangular pool shapes and landscaping designs that boast split level living areas and large, geometric planes.

Finish it off with simple, yet comfortable furniture and you’ll have the perfect space to throw on a floppy hat, sip on a whiskey sour and tap a toe to Simon & Garfunkel.


Pool Area Ideas from Slim Aaron's Photography | ModularWalls

Photo credit: Slim Aarons / Getty Images

Classic grandeur

However, if you’re inspired by a more classic aesthetic, round pool shapes can offer a unique sense of luxury; think Roman baths or private swimming grottoes. Further emphasise the atmosphere of ancient wonder by flanking the pool with traditional pottery or adding pillars amongst your hardscapes!

Pool Design Inspirations in Slim Aaron's Photography | ModularWalls

Photo credit: Slim Aarons / Getty Images

Palm Springs style for poolside outdoor furniture

Wire, wicker, cane and rattan outdoor furniture effortlessly captures the easy, breezy style of vintage Palm Springs. These pieces create a carefree, timeless atmosphere that could easily transport you into one of Slim Aaron’s poolside masterpieces!

Pool Area Ideas - Slim Aarons Photography | ModularWalls

Photo credit: Slim Aarons / Getty Images 

Pool feature wall

You don’t need a waterfront location to create your own exotic pool oasis. Traditional pool coping materials such as timber, stone and masonry offer a neutral, rustic base for the bright blue pool and rendered pool feature wall to contrast spectacularly against. Finish it off with hibiscus or monstera deliciosa, and you, too, could step out into a Brazilian paradise!

Photo credit: Slim Aarons / Getty Images

Reflection pools

Wet edge pool designs double as a striking water feature! Using modern, angular landscaping and eye-catching architectural plants, the surrounding features and sky will be reflected by the seamless mirror of the pool and your outdoor space will seem to double in size.

Pool Inspo - Mediterranean style pool

Photo credit: Slim Aarons / Getty Images

Mixing textures

Breeze blocks and lattice detailing were a popular mid-century modern architectural feature. Back in vogue today, they add visual depth through combined textures to modern pool areas, offering privacy screens without completely separating your living areas.

Pool Area Inspo - lady relaxing by an infinity pool with her dogs

Photo credit: Slim Aarons / Getty Images

It’s all in the details

The thought gone into the finer details of this pool area are simply stunning! Lush foliage blooming from clean, white garden beds; vertical gardens; subtly patterned pool tiling; and, of course, the striped awning offering a contrasting focal point.