How do I reduce loud music?

  • 5 minutes
  • 28 July 2021

Loud music from your neighbour’s home or yard can be a tiresome issue to deal with, especially if it’s an ongoing occurrence. However, a solution that can significantly reduce the noise bombarding your home is a sound barrier fence. 

Is loud music disturbing your peace and quiet? 

If you are constantly being disturbed by loud music or making regular noise complaints, then there are few things to consider when formulating the best solution to your issue. Firstly, it’s important to understand where the music is coming from, as this will determine if an acoustic fence will help solve your noise issue. 

Is the music coming from:

  • Regular backyard parties next door?
  • Is your neighbour learning the drums?
  • Do you have a grunge band practising in the garage next door?

While each loud music issue will have different circumstances to be considered, the music is at ground level in all scenarios mentioned. Therefore, all the scenarios will benefit from a noise barrier fence. 

For instance, noise moves in straight lines for the first 10 metres and then changes into vertical waves. Music is an airborne noise; it can easily travel into your yard if you don’t block it. Therefore, for a noise barrier wall to be effective, it should be close to the noise source, acting as a physical barrier between the house and noise. Plus, the closer you are to the noise wall, the better the noise reduction will be. 

Reducing loud music with ModularWalls 

Now you may have heard about or been promised a ‘soundproof fence’ to reduce loud music. However, in an outdoor environment, soundproof isn’t possible. For example, in a backyard, music, traffic or aircraft noise can travel through the air into your yard. Therefore, it’s not possible to make a backyard completely ‘soundproof.’ What is achievable is a sound-reducing fence or wall, and that’s where ModularWalls can help solve your loud music issue. ModularWalls make fantastic acoustic fences as they use materials effective in reducing noise travelling between yards. 

Block the line of sight to the noise to reduce loud music. The high SlimWall boundary fence blocks the line of sight between yards.

Firstly, unlike metal fences with virtually no density, ModularWalls panels are dense, stopping a good portion of sound waves from passing through the fence. 

Secondly, when the goal is to prevent music from reaching your yard or your neighbour’s yard. (If you’re the one that likes playing loud music) It’s vital to ensure there are no gaps between or under your fence. Sound waves will find any hole in the fence material and disrupt your well-deserved peace and quiet through the smallest gap in the fence.

Thirdly, your wall height is critical in reducing the noise. As a guide, we recommend blocking the line of sight to the music then add an additional metre to ensure the music is minimised effectively. The last thing you want is the loud music coming straight over the top of your new acoustic fence. (Always check your local council for any fence height restrictions

Lastly, build a continuous noise barrier wall well past the music source, so the sound waves aren’t travelling around your fence and still creating an issue. 

Additionally, consider any other structures and surfaces the music can bounce off and reflect into your yard. For example, will the music bounce off your noise wall onto a shed roof and then back into your yard? 

A sound investment 

Our homes and backyards are often our sanctuaries to relax and unwind, entertain family and friends, and spend quality time with each other. So, to have your sanctuary disrupted by loud music can add unwanted stress to our already busy lives. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in a quality fencing solution that will reduce unwanted noise from surrounding neighbours and stand up to the Australian climate. Andrew Winter, the host of Selling Houses Australia, has used ModularWalls for all three boundary fences in his backyard. Mr Winter chose SlimWall and TrendWall for their acoustic properties and aesthetic, plus the fact ModularWalls will help add value to the property. 

Andrew Winter reduces noise with a SlimWall boundary fence

Our acoustic fence is the clear choice for Andrew Winter

When choosing a new fence solution, you will need your neighbours on board for costs and materials. However, there will undoubtedly be instances where your neighbour won’t agree to pay half the costs of the new fence. If you find yourself in this situation, you can install ModularWalls on your side of the existing fence! The result will be a modern fence that looks great; it will reduce the loud music and give you an additional barrier to the noise. 

As mentioned above, each home will have different circumstances to their loud music issue. However, by investing in a suitable fencing material and adequate fence height, you will be enjoying the serenity of your backyard in no time at all. Plus, ModularWalls has the benefit of a modern aesthetic that can be customised to your desired finish and can help add value to your home.