New Year, New Yard – 5 Satisfying Holiday DIY Projects

  • 3 minutes
  • 23 December 2020

With restricted travel options, these holidays are the perfect opportunity to feel productive and transform your home into the oasis you’ve always wanted. Read on to check out our 5 most satisfying holiday DIY projects and start the new year with a beautiful, fresh slate!

Holiday DIY projects - rejuvenate your back yard with a VogueWall pool and boundary fence like this. VogueWall with external post caps and slats.


Easy holiday DIY projects to revive a neglected yard

…ever scan the back yard and think, where do I even start? We’ve got you covered.

Our extensive backyard ‘checklist’ goes through each section; the garden, the exterior of your home and your outdoor living areas. You can check off what is fine and what needs some TLC, and start to form a coherent, manageable To Do list; the first step of any successful DIY project.

With suggestions of what to look out for, what could do with a fresh lick of paint and how to tidy problem areas, these simple jobs offer super-satisfying payoffs.


Transform your dying lawn

There’s nothing that looks worse than a dead patch of lawn. Turn that unsightly dust bowl into something you can be proud of!

Lawn is said to  increase land value and considered a default for many yard designs; as such, people can find it difficult to remove areas of lawn. However, there are many alternative value-boosting landscaping ideas! From alternative greenery, to outdoor living zones, these ideas will lower your overall maintenance (and stress) levels, as well as boost the functionality of your yard.

Take a peek at how you can create a beautiful, functional outdoor area with lawn alternatives.

VogueWall Byron Bay NSW

Design an architectural garden

Does it feel like your garden is a little lack-lustre? It could be because it doesn’t hit the right balance of architectural design elements…who knew a garden could make such a difference?

In this architectural garden guide, we got through the four fundamentals of strong garden design: structure, texture, contrast and balance. With these trouble-shooting tips and design hacks, your garden will transform before your eyes!


Build a pergola

Need some extra shade? Or just love the idea of a pergola with draping wisteria or honeysuckle? Check out our list of killer DIY pergola designs and tutorials!

fIf you’re feeling a little intimidated by the thought, it’s actually quite an accessible holiday DIY project. In fact, of all the structures you could build, a pergola is relatively straightforward and cost-effective. Usually using 4 main vertical beams or columns, pergolas are largely open-air; however, to provide extra levels of shelter, you can also add walls or a roof.

Ranked from least detailed to highly customised, you can pick a design that suits your experience level and create a new outdoor room for your home.

Three Birds Renovations' Outdoor Rooms Using VogueWall | ModularWalls

Case Study: Three Birds Renovations install VogueWall privacy screen for House 11

Install a privacy screen

Boost your privacy and hide that ugly, old fence, all in a single project.

Sometimes, a fence replacement just isn’t on the cards; whether it’s budgetary or you just can’t bear the thought of negotiating with your neighbour, a privacy screen can offer the perfect solution.

They can be installed directly in front of the existing fence (on your side), totally negating the need to negotiate costs with your neighbours. Furthermore, since you’re not replacing a fence, you’re saving costs with a smaller run of fence, as well as on fence removal.

You can check out all the nitty-gritty details in our privacy screen article here!