Design Trend – Heritage Home Backyard Ideas

  • 3 minutes
  • 17 February 2023

Creating a heritage-style backyard can be a great way to complement the historic character of your heritage home while also creating a beautiful and functional outdoor space.

Backyard design considerations for your heritage home  VogueWall_Shaynna Blaze Traditional Blog Heritage Home

So, when forming a backyard design for your heritage home, it’s important to choose elements and materials that keep with the era and style. This could include features such as:

  • A traditional garden layout
  • Decorative elements like fountains or statues
  • Formal hedges.

In terms of materials, you may want to choose:

  • Brick pavers
  • Natural stone 
  • Wrought-iron furniture to create a traditional and timeless look.

Add a modern touch to your heritage home backyard

Style Fencing Dividing Wall heritage home

While creating a heritage-style backyard is all about celebrating the historic character of your home, it’s important to remember that you can still add modern touches to create a traditional and contemporary space.

One way to add a modern touch to your home’s backyard is by incorporating technology. For example, you could install smart lighting, a gas fireplace, a built-in sound system, or even a weatherproof TV. This allows you to enjoy your backyard throughout the day and evening while maintaining a classic and timeless look.

Another way to add a modern touch to your backyard is by incorporating modern materials and design elements. For example, you could choose:

  • A minimalist water feature
  • Contemporary garden sculptures
  • Modern plants or feature landscaping
  • Sleek outdoor furniture.

This will help create a traditional and contemporary space that allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Shaynna Blaze’s Country Home Rescue

VogueWall Shayna Blaze heritage home blog

Case Study: Shaynna Blaze Country Home Rescue

A great example of mixing a heritage home with contemporary design elements is Shaynna Blaze’s Country Home Rescue. The home’s exterior honours the heritage period, along with backyard features such as the VogueWall with external capping to emulate a traditional pillar wall. While at the same time, Shaynna incorporates a few modern touches like the black VogueWall, fire pit area and a modern outdoor dining setting.

Shaynna’s backyard showcases the versatility of ModularWalls to create the perfect mix of traditional and contemporary design elements and offer privacy and security so the family can enjoy their outdoor space.

Overall, adding modern touches to your heritage home backyard is about finding a balance to suit your taste and lifestyle. You will undoubtedly create a classic and contemporary backyard by incorporating technology, functionality, modern materials and design elements.

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