Front Yard Ideas – Small Gardens With Big Impact

  • 3 minutes
  • 15 June 2018

Front gardens are easy to overlook, but a forgotten front entrance can be detrimental to your street appeal. Give your home a little TLC with these transformative front yard ideas that’ll make your property ‘pop’!

Bedhead gardens

Sustainable, low maintenance and simply beautiful, gardens of ornamental and native grasses are exploding within landscaping right now. Frame your property with fluffy domes of foxtail, fountain grass, mondo grass and tussock and let the wild things grow!

Cacti and succulents

In terms of low maintenance, you just cannot beat a drought tolerant garden. Cacti and succulents are incredibly resilient, requiring very minimal attention, and come in a range of sizes; perfect for large or small gardens alike. For young families and pet friendly homes, front yards are the perfect place for cacti, as they will be less accessible for little hands or paws!

Drought tolerant garden

Front yard veggie patch

What better use of a largely unused piece of land, than to grow an edible garden? With the right front fence to protect it, this front yard idea transforms wasted space into a resourceful spread of vegetable patches, fruit trees and herb gardens. Additionally, tending to the garden will make for a wonderful hobby for green thumbs or serve as an educational responsibility for kids!

Tiered or terraced front yard ideas

Have a sloped block? Terraced gardens (or tiered gardens) are a gorgeous way of boosting the functionality of uneven land. This also gives you a greater level of control with your garden; each tier could encompass a different colour or theme, with water features or other decorative elements positioned within the design.

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Symmetrical garden design

If your house has a very symmetrical layout, a similarly designed garden is quite a striking front yard idea. Create a central pathway to the front door and choose between a mirror image design, or simply an evenly balanced layout.

Patio gardens

You got a patio? You got a garden! Even a front door step can be greened up a little with some small garden elements; add potted plants, climbers, vertical gardens or hanging baskets to bring some life to your patio. Find more inspiration on how to spruce up your front entrance here.

Enclosed front yard

More and more home owners are looking to their front yard as another outdoor living space. With the use of a secure, acoustically rated front wall or fence, you can create a private, usable outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy. Sitting areas, outdoor fireplaces, courtyards and even pool areas are making their way to the front with a little help from a sturdy front wall!