Design Trend Highlights of 2018 and Forecasts for 2019

  • 5 minutes
  • 7 December 2018

Earlier this year, we began featuring our favourite design trends of the month. For December, we celebrate the highlights of 2018, as well as unpack some truly exciting 2019 design trend forecasts!

Designs trends of 2018

What a year it’s been! Flick through our treasured design highlights below to reflect on the trends that left their mark on 2018:

SlimWall Orange NSW | indoor-outdoor living | garden

March: Timber battens

Little lends the same sense of structure and visual interest as do timber battens. Find out how to incorporate this feature into your boundary solution!

April: Outdoor kitchens

Add some flavour to your backyard with a sleek BBQ corner or a deluxe outdoor cooking space, complete with pizza ovens and granite cutting-board bench tops!

May: Outdoor fireplaces

Whether you’re warming up in winter or toasting marshmallows in summer, a fire pit is an essential item for outdoor lifestyles. Fire up your inspiration with these stunning designs!

June: Outdoor rooms

Whether you’re warming up in winter or toasting marshmallows in summer, a fire pit is an essential item for outdoor lifestyles. Fire up your inspiration with these stunning designs!

July: Concrete finishes

From polished textures to raw, DIY renders, here’s how to incorporate this striking design trend within your outdoor space!

August: Mixing textures

Backyard looking a little flat? It’s time to kick it up a notch – choose your ingredients and get mixing!

September: Magnesium pools

De-stress, detox and delight in the rich, silky smooth waters of magnesium pools! Go on, dip a toe…

October: Shipping container pools

Dive into the edgy, industrial chic world of shipping container pools! Cantilevered pools, above ground oases and more…

November: Outdoor showers

Make a splash with a stylish poolside rinsing station or a luxe outdoor bathing oasis!

Trend forecast for 2019

Looking back is fun, but what does next year have in store? We’ve kept our finger on the pulse to feel what’s still hot, what’s not and what’s just around the corner!

Art Deco to replace Mid-Century Modern

I know — our love affair with mid-century modernism is still strong as ever; surely this fling hasn’t run its course yet?

However, the powers that be have predicted that an affinity for glamour and flair may rise up in 2019 and overtake the modest mod style. Hints of Art Deco are increasingly being found in glassware, furniture detailing and lighting designs; is there more to come? Time will tell!

Bar carts

This small furniture piece with big impact is back in a big way. Whether you’re entertaining friends, or simply enjoying a light tipple whilst the cicadas serenade the end of a hot summer’s day, this will be a staple piece in 2019 home design.

Expert Landscaping Tips We Learnt From The Design Duo | ModularWalls

Matte black boundaries

For a long time, the fresh, white backdrop was the go-to for modern backyards. However, we’re seeing a more dramatic boundary trend slowly stealing the spotlight.

Currently popular for contemporary bathroom designs, matte black creates a sophisticated canvas against which your plants, furniture and decor can truly pop! Check out how The Block’s Alisa & Lysandra pulled off this dramatic courtyard boundary (pictured above) in their new series, The Design Duo!

Gold to replace brass

That’s right — gold has been crowned the Accent Metal of 2019! Add some elegance to your space next year with a gentle dose of the Midas touch. Just remember to take extra care of any tarnish-susceptible metals in your outdoor areas and keep them under cover, if possible.

Tropical and mature plants

In 2019, bigger is better. Plants boasting oversized leaves or tropical vibes will reign supreme, with more people favouring mature plants rather than waiting for younger specimens to fill out.

Keep your eyes open for bodacious palms, cascading ferns and plants with variegated leaves. For more plant inspo, check out our list of stunning architectural plants to add to your home!

Luxurious fabrics in neutral tones

Outdoor furniture just keeps getting better. Look out for new materials that are soft on the eye and pleasing to the touch, yet highly durable against the elements!

Rather than choosing a bright feature colour, choose a warm, neutral tone and let the cushions do the talking. For added character, find pieces with extra detailing, such as rattan or accent metal frames.

Cozy & comfortable

Hygge; a Danish lifestyle concept that is impossible to translate into just one word, but encapsulates a contentedness in simple comforts.

This concept of comfort and contentedness in our surroundings has also been a huge influence within outdoor design; and we expect it to keep going strong into 2019. Think day beds, cozy throws, plush cushions and hanging chairs!

Aged materials against contemporary hardscapes

The juxtaposition of old and new can create a uniquely timeless space; have some fun with combining the two. You’ll find that vintage pieces will add character and authenticity, whilst the contemporary backdrop avoids a stale ‘time capsule’ effect!

If you’re as excited as we are about these trend forecasts, this year’s Ultimate Outdoor Lifestyle Pack (Bahamas Edition) is jam-packed with trending design concepts, including:

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  • Tropical, Art Deco-inspired drink dispenser set from Maxwell & Williams

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