20 backyard DIY ideas for a fresh yard this New Year

  • 6 minutes
  • 1 January 2018

Fresh new year, fresh new yard! These backyard DIY ideas are the perfect way to rejuvenate your outdoor space or increase property value while you have some time off.

1. A fresh lick of paint

Nothing changes a space more drastically than a fresh coat of paint. Change up your colour scheme or simply refresh the existing colour of your outdoor walls or fences for an instant backyard facelift!

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2. Re-organise or update your shed

How many broken tools, empty weed killer spray bottles, old pesticides and half-empty bags of potting mix do you have in your shed? If the answer is ‘I don’t know’, ‘I can’t even count how many’, ‘it’s anarchy in there’, or exasperated laughing, check out this awesome guide on how to organise your shed! Re-organising the shed might be at the bottom of your backyard DIY ideasbut it’s a relatively easy job to do, and it will be very satisfying to tick this one off your list. 


3. Landscape your garden

Landscaping dramatically affects your home and can even boost property value. If your garden lacks ‘wow’ factor, it’s the perfect time to move some things around and revisit your landscaping layout. Cull plants that have been dying, relocate others that could thrive better in another home and add new ones to refresh the overall aesthetic.

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4. Backyard DIY ideas for second-chance Spring cleaning 

Sometimes, all a space needs is a good tidy. Another relatively easy job on the backyard DIY ideas list is to water blast your driveway and footpaths, clear your gutters, wash down your house facades and windows, get rid of spiderwebs and get that leaf blower out.

5. Tackle those weeds

Weeds can make any backyard look unkempt, untidy and downright dowdy. Depending on your specific requirements, consider various weed control techniques, such as commercial-grade or natural weed killers and manual weeding.

6. All backyard DIY ideas should include a water feature

Change up your backyard with a water feature! With a vast selection of DIY water features, including water walls, water blades, fountains, birdbaths, ponds, and reflecting pools. There are countless backyard DIY ideas when it comes to water features; you’ll be sure to find one that’s perfect for your home.

7. Fresh mulch

Spruce up your garden with a new layer of fresh mulch! Change up the colour or type of wood, or even look into decorative pebble top layers to give your garden a bit of a change.

8. Add repaving to your list of backyard DIY ideas

Repaving might seem a laborious task for a list of DIY backyard ideas, but it offers an instant rejuvenation for your outdoor area. Replace those cracked cement tiles or red brick patios with new stone pavers for a clean, natural look.

9. Pot plants

Another relatively easy task for your list of backyard DIY ideas is to add more pot plants to your paved areas or update any old plastic pot plants with beautiful new pots. Glazed, decorative, industrial, repurposed, concrete, tiled or rustic, new pots can help offer a new look to your outdoor area.

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10. Collect rainwater

Rainwater tanks are super helpful and great for the gardener who wants a lush garden without wasting extravagant amounts of water. Check out this list of awesome DIY rainwater harvesting systems that you can build for your home!


11. Outdoor kitchen

Everything from humble BBQ stations to pizza ovens to entire outdoor kitchens. Find a way to incorporate more outdoor cooking and dining options in your outdoor space with these awesome outdoor kitchen ideas.

12. Lawn care

Lawns are easy to overlook in a backyard DIY ideas list, especially during the busier times of the year. But a lush lawn can do wonders for your home’s appearance. So, give your lawn a little TLC while you have spare time using these seasonal lawn care tips.

13. Lighting

Update your outdoor lighting options to enhance your outdoor living spaces for those warm nights when you want to entertain in the fresh air. Update solar garden lights, use basket hooks and lanterns against your walls or fences, add strings of festoon or fairy lights or replace your lightbulbs with fantastic Edison bulbs for a quick spruce up.

14. Mirrors

Want to make your outdoor space feel larger? Utilise a classic designer illusion and use mirrors around your backyard to create an atmosphere of more room.

15. Outdoor seating

The outdoor entertaining season is the perfect time to update any worn-out chair cushions or add more seating options to your outdoor space. These DIY outdoor seating ideas from recycled items make for a fantastic DIY holiday project! We’re sure ticking this off your list of backyard DIY ideas will be very satisfying.

16. Fire pit

A fire pit is a sure way to enhance your outdoor lifestyle and create a focal point for your outdoor entertaining area. Use your holidays to build your own paved, in-ground fire pit using these awesome fire pit designs.

17. Gardens beds or veggie patches

Add some rustic flair to your backyard with raised garden beds or veggie patches! Edible gardens are always great additions to your backyard DIY ideas, and growing your food is an excellent lesson of independence, patience, and responsibility for children. They’ll love helping you build it, too!

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18. Backyard greenhouse

Greenhouses don’t have to be huge, high roofed structures! Instead, create a small greenhouse to extend growing seasons or protect your favourite plants from colder weather.

19. Vertical garden

Vertical gardens, green walls, living walls; whatever you want to call them, they’re a phenomenal garden trend that you should jump on! There are many vertical garden designs to match suit your home, from recycled and repurposed designs to tailor-made, wall-mounted frames. There is something for everyone when it comes to vertical garden backyard DIY ideas.

20. A kid’s dream backyard playground

Want your children to spend more time outdoors? Looking for a DIY project to spend more quality time with the kids? Check out these awesome DIY ideas to turn your backyard into a world of adventurous fun.

Whether you choose one of the harder backyard DIY ideas mentioned above and go big early or choose a few of the more straightforward ideas, you will undoubtedly keep busy these holidays. And will have a rejuvenated backyard can enjoy and admire your hard work.