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  • 8 April 2021

Now is the perfect time to treat yourself to a few beautiful pot plant pots and breathe new life into your home. Whether you’re looking for something small to test your green thumb or an extravagant feature, there are unique choices on offer in all shapes, sizes and materials.

VougeWall Pool with pot plants

Large pot plant pots

Like a Fiddle Leaf Fig or a Majesty Palm, a large pot plant can become the statement piece of any room. They don’t need a lot of care and match any existing aesthetic. Whether you are channelling your inner Cottagecore or keeping things modern, you can’t go wrong with a bit of nature at home. The added advantage is that larger plants generally don’t require as much love, so long as you give it some water every so often, you should be good to go! (we recommend asking for expert advice when purchasing your new pot plants as the plant’s needs can vary greatly) Large outdoor pots can also make a great feature by your pool or on your balcony. You can even try mixing plants in one large pot for additional texture and a point of difference.

SlimWallALI Williams Landing VIC

Try: Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia)

Bird of Paradise prefer a bright sunny spot inside, but if it’s a hot sunroom, then indirect sunlight is best. Regular watering is needed when the soil feels dry but don’t overwater. It’s best to ask your local garden centre for the best soil mix, and don’t forget drainage holes in your pot. (Always check if a plant is poisonous to pets, which Bird of Paradise is

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Left SF Girl. Right Sunset

Left: SF Girl. Right: Sunset

Outdoor pots

Regardless of your home’s style, there is an excellent range of garden pots available now in all kinds of materials. Choose from a single tall pot or low and wide pots, or use groups of two or three pot plants in varying pot heights to create a focal point. Have some fun with it, use bright colours, or stick to classic black to make the plants the feature; the choices are endless.

Outdoor Pot Plants Blog


Try: Dichondra Silver Falls (Dicondra Argentea)

Great for oversized pots and creating ‘Silver Falls’ over the edge. You can also combine this gorgeous plant with other plants in one large pot to create an eye-catching feature either indoors or out.
Dichondra Silver Falls prefer some direct sunlight during the day. Weekly watering is sufficient once the soil has dried out. More water may be needed in summer.

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Left Style Curator.  Right Kate Sparks

Small pot plant pots

Small pots are fantastic when you wish to create a beautiful atmosphere with indoor plants but are short on space. However, lots of small pots in varying designs can make a room feel cluttered. So, take the time to find the right small pot for your chosen pot plant. Bright and bold pots look great with non-flowering plants. A simple pot design with a statement plant and correct positioning can make a beautiful highlight to any room.

Pot plants

Try: Succulents

Succulents are the ultimate low maintenance plant and one of the best indoor plants. These will work for anybody with a bad history of keeping plants alive and are incredibly versatile in style. Try large succulents for your outdoor area, or if you’re short on space, indoor plant pots are great as they are easy to move around your home. These are also one of the most budget-friendly plant options.

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Decorative pots

There are so many different types of pots that you can choose from, so why not pick one that’s going to spruce up your décor? There is something for every budget and every style, from large ceramic pots, lightweight stone, natural materials like rattan, or sleek modern pots. The best part of a pot plant is the freedom to move the pot around and take them with you if you move. Pot plant stands are also another great way to group plants to create a feature, whether it’s your bedroom, lounge room, balcony or courtyard.


Try: Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera seliciosa)

Monstera Deliciosa is a gorgeous looking plant that will brighten any room. They prefer warm climates away from direct sunlight. They are super easy to maintain, only needing water once the top two centimetres of soil dries out. Don’t overwater as this can cause root rot.

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Hanging pot plant pots

A hanging pot is a statement piece; there is no doubt about that. Best used with plants like Begonias or Petunias, this is something that looks both creative and gives your home a bit of greenery. The good thing about a hanging pot is that you can even use a faux plant, and your guests will be non-the-wiser. You can also experiment with hanging pots as wall features in your outdoor area, giving your home that extra decorative edge.

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Try: String of Pearls (Senecio Rowleyanus)

If growing inside, String of Pearl succulents likes to be in a warm spot in indirect sunlight. As with all succulents’ drainage is essential; therefore, choose the right pot, ensuring it’s not too large. The best part about String of Pearls is once you have the right pot and soil mix, they only need watering every two weeks and then only monthly in winter!

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Pot Plants

Above all, choose pot plant pots (faux or living) that fit your lifestyle and work for your home. Lastly, have fun and enjoy your pots and pot plants. Having house plants reduces stress, boosts your mood, and can even purify the air.

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