SlimWall®delivers durable, modern pool fence

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  • 7 October 2020

Combining designer aesthetics, high-quality materials and value for money, SlimWall with aluminium posts provided the perfect modern pool fence for this outdoor oasis in Westlake, QLD.

SlimWall with aluminium posts - modern pool fence

Finding the perfect, modern pool fence

When designing a beautiful pool area, homeowners must consider many aspects; both financially and aesthetically. Pool systems, coping and decking, landscaping, pool fencing; each decision is just as important as the next.

At each stage, they must keep a perilous balance; staying within budget, whilst avoiding going too cheap and risking distasteful aesthetics, or the costly repairs of poor-quality purchases.

This homeowner was seeking a sophisticated boundary for their pool oasis; however, like most renovators, they required a cost-effective solution that didn’t blow out the budget.

SlimWall with aluminium posts - modern pool fence

SlimWall®; combining quality and value

SlimWall, our premium modular fencing solution, has been a revolutionary combination of quality and value. From its invention, it has transformed the fencing market, making the high-end aesthetics of rendered fencing far more accessible, at a fraction of the price and a quarter of the install time.

With its sleek design, noise reduction capabilities and ability to integrate lighting, infills, slats and more, you can create a truly magical outdoor oasis; just like this home.

Australian Made products, for Aussie backyards, in Aussie climates

Furthermore, the evolution of the Aluminium post option delivered a unique offering that most Aussie backyards desperately need; durability against the elements. This post option (also available with the TrendWall system) has been the perfect choice for coastal homes and modern pool fences who struggle with particularly corrosive environments.

With a whopping 85% of Australians living coastally, it is truly a shock that many ‘Aussie Proof’ fences are actually not covered by warranty if situated within 1km from the coast. With 13% also living with a pool in the backyard, this Aluminium post option is truly an Australian Made product, designed by Aussies, for Aussie homes, in Aussie climates.

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