What is a boundary wall?

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  • 12 August 2021

Whether you call it a boundary wall or a dividing fence, if you’re living in a property with a yard, chances are you need a fence between you and your neighbours’ properties. You may even need three boundary walls, but that doesn’t mean they are all equal in terms of function. We recommend considering all functions of your dividing fence, rather than the simple purpose of separating the land between you and your neighbour.

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What is a boundary wall? 

In Australia, a boundary wall is another term for a dividing fence. In other words, a boundary wall is a fence constructed to separate the land between two adjoining landowners. Every state has variations on the Fencing Act, so to help you understand your requirements, we’ve put each state’s regulations together here. 

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More than just a wall 

If you grew up in suburban Australia, you are probably quite familiar with the standard wooden fences forming a boundary wall around your backyard. However, fencing has come a long way since climbing the weathered wooden fence to fetch your ball from the next-door neighbour’s yard!  

Suppose you require three dividing fences to create a boundary between you and your surrounding neighbours, but each fence has slightly different requirements. So, consider all your options when installing a boundary wall to ensure your wall meets all your needs. For example, you may need a higher fence on one side of your property. Or your neighbour directly behind you may not agree to a new fence. If you find yourself in this situation, have you considered installing a fence of your choosing in front of the existing fence?  

Whatever your boundary wall needs are, ModularWalls offer privacy, reduce noise, and even integrate with a retaining wall

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I need privacy from my neighbours 

A solid boundary fence will provide better privacy than timber fencing with gaps between palings. Also, consider your fence height – will the standard 1.8metres be high enough to stop the neighbours looking into your yard? It’s best to check fence height restrictions with your local council.  

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I need a retaining wall and boundary wall  

You may be on a sloping block and require an integrated retaining wall and boundary wall, just like Andrew Winter, host of Selling Houses Australia. Using ModularWalls gives you the option for a seamless solution between retaining wall and boundary fence. No matter if you’re on the low or high side of the wall, you will enjoy the modern aesthetic afforded by ModularWalls fencing.  

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I need to minimise noise into and out of my yard 

Whether you’d like to create a wall to reduce noise from the kids playing in the pool or limit the sounds of the barking dog next door, ModularWalls offer acoustic benefits. The solid panel composition reduces noise by up to 25dB. 

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I need a boundary wall that will suit different architectural styles 

If you live in a modern home, yet your neighbour has a traditional house design, finding a fencing solution you agree on can be complicated. However, with ModularWalls, you and your neighbour can paint each side of the fence any exterior paint colour you choose, ensuring everyone is happy.

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A quality investment

Generally, you will split the costs of a dividing fence between adjoining homeowners, but there are exceptions to this. So, it’s no surprise that fencing disputes are one of the most common disputes among neighbours. If you are experiencing an opposing view regarding your dividing fence, you may find our guide on fencing disputes helpful.  

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Lastly, don’t be ‘fenced in’ when it comes to building a boundary wall. If you install a new fence, ensure your boundary wall meets all your needs, whether you need to replace an old or damaged fence or are building your dream home. Your fence is a long-term investment that should withstand the harsh Australian climate and give an aesthetic that will suit your home. Remember, a quality fence can add value to both your and your neighbour’s properties!

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