Meaningful DIY gifts for Mother’s Day

  • 5 minutes
  • 8 May 2018

Celebrate your Mum with the same love and care that she gives you with these meaningful Mother’s Day gifts!

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to let Mum know just how much you appreciate all that she did for you. It’s a day to say thank you for cutting the crusts off my sandwiches and sorry for always losing my lunchbox; thank you for the unconditional love and sorry for the teenage years; thank you for all the sacrifices you made and sorry if I didn’t always appreciate them.

Put a smile on Mum’s face (and a tear in her eye) with these super special and memorable DIY gift ideas.

Recreate childhood photos

Odds are, your mum has a framed photo or a wallet snap of a treasured moment of your childhood. For a memorable present that’ll tug at the heart strings, recreate that photo as adults! It’ll make for a hearty laugh — and maybe even a happy welling of the eyes.

Surprise picnic at a childhood landmark

Mums can’t resist a trip down memory lane; just think back to those times you’ve winced through an unflattering childhood story that she decided your significant other just had to hear.

If you still live nearby, surprise her with a picnic that holds a beautiful memory. It could be anything: the park that you two loved to visit; the lake where you fed ducks until a big swan chased you; the marina where you used to watch boats and pelicans.

Take a memory that defines your mother for you, no matter how small, and she’ll truly feel appreciated.

Coffe Tabke Book - the perfect Mother's Day gift

Coffee table photobook or album

In this highly digital age, we sometimes forget how special it was to have printed photos. Growing up with film cameras meant that there are probably loads of gorgeous snaps hidden away somewhere.

Give old photos new life and create a treasure trove of memories! Have a photo book made express, go vintage with a beautiful photo album or even get crafty with a scrapbook. Many photo labs also convert hard copy photos into digital files, which is perfect for a digital photo frame.

Tea party

Did your mum spend hours pretending to eat and drink the ‘food’ or ‘tea’ that 3-year-old you made for her? This year, let her enjoy a real tea party!

Fill the table with scones, muffins, biscuits and a hot cuppa – there are some awesome specialty teas available nowadays, from unique loose-leaf mixes to beautiful goldfish teabagsblooming herbal teas and bubble teas. If it’s a nice day, take it outside and make a garden party of it!

Mother’s Day movie night

Sometimes, all Mum wants is to spend some quality time with you; so surprise her with an old-fashioned movie night! Evoke some nostalgia by picking flicks that you and your mum loved to watch together, whether it be an old Disney animation or a ridiculous ’80s chick flick.

Add an adult kick to the festivities with some savoury spiced popcorn or her favourite wine; take inspiration from Chris Nease’s stunning girls’ night in ideas! Add some fluffy slippers, comfy robes and fresh blooms, and you’ve got a super special Mother’s Day on your hands.

Personalised flowers

All flowers have traditional meanings; create a personal message amongst the petals!

Bluebells signify everlasting love, camellias represent perfection and gratitude and sunflowers are a symbol of adoration. For roses, light pink usually signifies admiration, whilst dark pink roses say, ‘thank you for your love’.

Also consider how to personalise the bouquet. Maybe present them in a vintage vase or use BBQ skewers to add her favourite chocolates amongst the flowers.

Flowers always make a great Mother's Day gift

Edible bouquets

However, flowers aren’t the only bouquets you can offer; herb bouquets are on the rise. Fill her home with the wholesome scents of sage, basil, mint or rosemary amongst the flowers!

Edible bouquets range from the healthy to the incredibly indulgent. Choose a vegetable array, bursting with zucchini flowers and kale, or arrangements of chocolate covered strawberries and cinnamon sugar donut holes. There’s even a deli-inspired bouquet idea for mums who simply can’t resist a good cheeseboard!

The gift that keeps on giving

Your mum deserves to enjoy her favourite flower every day. If she has a nurturing spirit, give her a potted version of her favourite bloom! Then, the present can last for years — and so will her smile. If your mother is a bit of a green thumb, get out in the fresh air and make a day of planting it in her garden. That way, every time she tends to her flowers, it’ll bring back lovely memories.

Whether you’re spending the day with your Mum or celebrating from afar, she will cherish any gift sent with love.