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As medium density housing increases, how can installing acoustic fencing boost property value?

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As our population increases in Australia, so does the amount of medium density housing to deliver on the growing demand for Australian residences. For those within medium density homes, investing in acoustic fencing provides many benefits for your property; and therefore, increasing interest from prospective buyers.

Integrated Retaining for Level Ground - Privacy Screen for Duplex | ModularWalls

Case Study: Acoustic fencing preserves privacy for duplex development

Reducing neighbourhood noise

With such tight boundaries, noise reduction fencing creates a more protected living oasis and ensures acoustic privacy from close neighbours. Reaching up to 3m high, acoustic dividing fences create both a visual screen and an average 20-25dB noise reduction – in laymen’s terms, that’s a whopping fourfold reduction in audible noise.

Acoustic fences offer a modern, render-like aesthetic with a range of finishing options, allowing you to design a fence that will enhance the design and architectural aesthetic, further adding value to your property. With the option to integrate lighting, integrated retaining, security systems or surround sound, the design possibilities are truly endless; and studies have shown that a well-designed outdoor area can indeed boost property value.


Reducing environmental noise

Surrounding noise pollution is also a concerning factor when deciding where to live. For instance, prospective buyers may want easy access to freeways and main roads, but aren’t willing to tolerate traffic noise.

Acoustic fencing is designed to act as a reflective noise barrier, deflecting the noise emitted from motor vehicles away from the property. Investing in acoustically-rated fencing around your property means you don’t have to compromise one for the other, and therefore makes your home more desirable in a volatile property market.

Gledhill Constructions chooses SlimWall modular fencing for Soho Terraces | ModularWalls

Case Study: Acoustic fencing delivers premium outdoor areas for Soho Terraces

Residential dwellings continue to collide with commercial and industrial spaces – especially on the brink of the infrastructure boom. As a result, noise pollution is fast becoming a major environmental concern for homeowners. Acoustic fencing effectively prevents health impacts attributed to extended noise exposure, such as sleep disturbance, hearing impairment, hypertension, and stress.


Preserving acoustic privacy

By investing in acoustic fencing, you are investing in acoustic privacy; and thus, to prospective buyers, investing in their future. Which ultimately gives you the unique competitive edge in a market flooded with potential homes.

It’s time to invest in peace & quiet; explore our exquisite range of acoustic fences and create a serene oasis amongst the ever-growing noise concerns of medium density housing and thriving Australian metropolises.


Written by Chelsea Heathcote, from Urban.com.au.

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