Design Trend – Front Yard Design

  • 6 minutes
  • 16 December 2021

Is your front yard underutilised or not used at all? We’ve put together a few front yard design ideas to spark your imagination and inspire a spectacular front yard transformation! From entertaining areas to sunken gardens and even swimming pools. Now is the time to take back your front yard and create an outdoor space everyone can enjoy.

Plan your front yard design with a purpose in mind 

Before beginning your front yard transformation, what will be the purpose for your front yard? A few options include:

  • Entertaining
  • Games area
  • A secret hideaway
  • Cooking and dining
  • Sitting back and relaxing in front of a fire pit or even a complete fireplace.
  • Swimming and relaxing in the pool
  • Or a combination of the above!

Front yard design ideas to maximise outdoor living 

The next step to consider is the design and construction to maximise space and achieve your aesthetic. Will you need to level the land, build a deck, or create a firepit area?

Build a deck

If your front yard is going to waste, then a deck extending from the house into the yard will create a new living space. Plus, you will have the perfect indoor-outdoor living zone by adding sliding or French doors.

TrendWall The Block Jimmy Tam Design Trend Front Yard Design

Add a few benches to your front yard design

Whether you choose built-in rendered or wooden bench seats or portable seats, benches are a simple way to spend time in your front yard admiring your garden or the view if you’re lucky enough to have one. Alternatively, add a fire pit and a few armchairs, and you have the perfect spot to entertain, just like Three Birds Renovations House 14.

Three Birds Renovations Outdoor Design House 14 Fire Pit Area Blog

Let the games begin 

Regardless of the space you have in your front yard; there are countless options to make your front yard the place to be. With a small patch of artificial grass, you can easily set up an area to play Bocce or practice your putting. If you have small children, then a cubby house is always a winner, along with a swing, inground trampoline or a jungle gym. Otherwise, there is always giant Jenga or Connect 4, a treat no matter your age.

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Create multiple levels and zones as part of your front yard design

A retaining wall or various levels can create a multifunctional space for sloping front yards.

Get a little height with a platform

A small platform in your front yard design might be all you need to see the view over your front fence (assuming you have a nice view). A platform with a dining setting or a comfy lounge is another great way to overlook your garden and enjoy your surroundings. A platform can be any shape you choose, but why not build a round platform to soften the space and create a feature.

SlimWall Platform View Blog Front Yard Design

Have you considered tiered zones for your front yard design?

Tiered sections can create multiple living zones for large front yards or extreme slopes. Each tier can have a different purpose depending on which end of the slope your home is on. For example, suppose your home is at the top of the hill, then the lowest level of your front yard design can be full of flowers or plants. The next level up can be all about the fire pit and a few stools. Then finally, the top-level closest to the house can be for lounging back in your comfy seating, admiring the view below.

If you have a gentle slope to your front yard, a retaining wall can level out your yard and make it accessible to all the family. Then with a level front yard, the options are endless; you can add a plunge pool, create a hideaway or even an outdoor gym and shower.

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Create a private retreat for your front yard design 

If your front yard isn’t in use due to a lack of privacy, then here are a few ideas to stop the neighbours or passers-by from looking in.

Privacy Screen 

If you don’t want to fence your entire front yard, then a privacy screen could be the answer. A ModularWalls privacy screen can create a sanctuary to get away from it all or be a fantastic backdrop to an entertaining area. Not to mention, a privacy screen can also be an excellent windbreak to create a cosy reading corner. Alternatively, hedges and bamboo also make great natural privacy screens.

VogueWall fire pit Blog outdoor wall ideas Three Birds Renovations Tiles House 11

Three Birds RenovationsHouse 11

Front wall 

Adding a front wall or fence to your front yard can have many benefits. As mentioned, it can provide much-needed privacy and security. A ModularWalls front wall can also help reduce traffic noise if you’re on a busy road. You can also customise your Modular Wall to any aesthetic you choose and include integrated lighting. What’s more, with a secure front fence, you have many options for your front yard design, which you can then enjoy day and night. Why not add a pool, sun deck, or a pizza oven and BBQ to entertain friends?

As we know, all front yards differ and depending on where you live; your front fence may also need to comply with local council regulations.

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Secret garden

Lastly, if you don’t like the idea of mowing your front yard, then why not create a lush garden with a hidden retreat? Regardless of whether you choose a tropical or traditional garden with layers of lush greenery or flowers, you’ll have a secret garden to escape and unwind in. With a hammock, hanging chair, or even a table for two, you’ll feel a million miles away from it all right in your front yard. If you don’t like the maintenance that comes with such a lush garden, then why not take your front yard design down a level with a sunken garden retreat! For instance, if you have a short retaining wall or front fence and would like a little privacy in your front yard, a sunken garden can achieve just that!

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