Do I need fence post caps?

  • 3 minutes
  • 5 August 2021

When deciding on your modular fence, many design decisions are made, including fence post caps. Whether you prefer to call them fence post tops or caps, they can help you achieve your desired look. We’ve put together a few examples to shine a light on flush and external post caps and how they can transform your fence.  

What are fence post caps?   

A fence post cap is as it sounds; it’s the cover placed on the end of your ModularWalls fence post. As the name suggests, flush post tops are ‘flush’ with the top of the fence to give a modern, streamlined look and feel. Alternatively, on VogueWall, TrendWall and EstateWall, you can choose external post tops. You can paint external post tops in a colour of your choice or opt for a custom design (from external providers). An external post top is a fantastic way to add a decorative element to your fence. Whether you choose flush or external, both also have protective purposes.

External and Flush Fence Posts Caps - EstateWall

Left: EstateWall with external post tops and wall capping. Right: EstateWall with flush post tops and wall capping.

Why do you need fence post caps 

As mentioned above, when installing ModularWalls, whether you choose flush or external fence post caps, they are always required. Post caps protect the internal structure of the posts from the external environment. Firstly, post tops stop sunlight, rain and water from entering the fence post. Secondly, post tops also prevent animals from entering the fence post and making a new home in your fence. Suppose you have integrated lighting; fence post caps will prevent sunlight, water and animals from entering the fence posts and potentially damage the wiring.

EstateWall PointCook VIC

A world of design possibilities   

As mentioned, external fence post caps allow you to add a creative element to your fence. For example, you can paint the post tops a different colour from the fence panels or choose custom made tops (from external suppliers). Plus, post tops also look fantastic when combined with slats or wrought iron infills. Your only limit is your imagination. Whichever fence system you choose, here are some great examples of the aesthetic you can achieve with external post tops.    


SlimWall offers flush fence post tops due to the thin posts. Flush post tops provide a modern aesthetic that complements any home.

SlimWall Launceston TAS


TrendWall offers flush fence post tops due to the post width. They are great for any architectural style.

TrendWall with integrated retaining - Andrew Winter



VogueWall has wider posts to emulate a rendered brick wall. Therefore, the external post tops are a traditional shape to suit the wall style.   

VogueWall Kenmore QLD



EstateWall has our widest posts to emulate a rendered brick wall perfectly. Again, the external fence post tops are rectangular shapes that sit on the end of the fence post.   

EstateWall HarringtonPark


Custom fence post caps   

Depending on the aesthetic you are trying to achieve, custom post tops can off a traditional look and feel or a natural style. For example, sandstone post tops combined with stone cladding can transform your ModularWalls and leave your neighbours guessing if it’s natural stone. (Please note, all custom post tops are sourced from external suppliers)

EstateWall TurraMurra NSW

Whether your fence is for privacy, acoustic benefits or security, a ModularWalls fence can create a stunning backdrop to your home and outdoor space. Additionally, fence post caps can add visual interest and showcase your design style. Plus, whether you choose flush or external post tops, they will help ensure the integrity of your fence, so it stands the test of time.