20 DIY gifts for Dad this Fathers’ Day

  • 6 minutes
  • 23 August 2019

For anyone who has a dad that ‘honestly doesn’t need a thing’, Fathers’ Day can be a bit perilous. But even a man who has it all can appreciate a gift with some time, effort and thought put into it. If you’re looking for an idea that will do more than gather dust in the linen cupboard, here are 20 DIY gift ideas for dad (that’ll actually get used)!

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For the foodie dad:

This is for the dad loves nothing more than a party in his mouth; gather up some mason jars and treat his taste buds to some home-cooked treasures!


 1. BBQ dry rub mix

If he’s a serious carnivore or barbecue fiend, there’s a good chance he understands the magic of a killer dry rub. Draw inspiration from online recipes, like the one pictured above, or go AWOL and create your own spicy mix!


 2. Set of sauces

White barbecue sauce; sweet honey sesame; balsamic whiskey marinade; avocado ranch! A set of these gourmet home-made sauces would make a finger-lickin’ good prezzie idea…


 3. DIY pickles

This one can be an acquired taste, but if you’re dad’s a fan of the tangy crunch of pickles, why not make him his very own batch? Stick with the classic cucumbers or branch out with other veggies!


 4. Infused oil

Rosemary, chilli, lemon, garlic, basil; the possibilities are truly endless with this nifty gift! Check out this handy tutorial to start infusing the perfect Father’s Day gift!


 5. Home-made jerky

Another acquired taste; but unless you’ve tried home-made jerky, you haven’t trued jerky at all. Leave those weird jelly strips at the servo and start marinading your very own with these Aussie jerky recipes; it’s a surprisingly delicious treat!

Shaving kit

For the pampered dad:

Whether he likes looking sharp or rocks a careless (but secretly highly maintained) scruffy look, this is for all those fathers who don’t mind giving themselves some self-care.


6. Home-made shaving set

If your dad prefers the clean shaven look, treat his skin to a deluxe shaving experience! Craft a  luxurious shaving butter, personalise a shaving brush with some beginner’s whittling and engrave the handle of a straight razor; he’ll be able to enjoy an exclusive barbershop experience, every single morning.


7. Beard oil

Alternatively, if he’s more ‘lumberjack chic’, why not mix up some home-made beard oil? Packed with argan, jojoba, vitamin E and aloe, beard oil hydrates skin and can help soften beard hair, making it easier to tame and style ( and definitely helps with that itch!).


8. DIY cologne

Everyone feels a million bucks when they wear a scent they love; imagine how good it feels to rock a scent specifically made for you! This gift idea can be presented as a surprise, or crafted with Dad alongside, to pick out his favourite scents. If you don’t know where to start, this guide has a bunch of scent suggestions and cologne recipes to flick through!


9. Hand-made body wash

Sandalwood, patchouli, peppermint; energise your dad’s morning with a home-made body wash that doubles as an aromatherapy session!


10.  Face moisturiser for men

Now that you’ve invested in these essential oils, you may as well complete the set with a home-made moisturiser! Whack in those leftover essential oils and he’ll be smelling amazing all day long.

DIY cricket bat

For the fun dad:

Known to enjoy a cold brewski, play pranks on Mum and make up ridiculous ball games over Christmas lunch; these gift ideas are for the dad that thrilled you as a kid, embarrassed you as a teen and reminds you to loosen up as an adult.


11. DIY cricket bat

Fond memories of playing cricket with Dad? Try your hand at making your very own cricket bat; it might not be professional-grade quality, but the sentiment will be sure to make it the MVP of future Christmas matches.


12. Giant Jenga

This game is a classic for a reason; and dead simple to make yourself, given you have the right tools. Check out this tutorial on how to build a DIY Jenga set; for extra fun this Fathers’ Day, write or engrave dares onto the pieces!


13. Infused booze

You can infuse booze with just about anything; fruits, herbs and spices, lollies, meat or even different wood infusions! Choose a base alcohol (no need to splash out too much here) and have some fun with different infusions to see just how far you can stretch those flavours!


14. Secret stash book

The ol’ hollowed out book still has its charms; this quick tutorial shows you how to transform an old hardcover into a secret compartment. For extra Dad-joke fun, pick books with a tongue-in-cheek title; sneak a flask of whiskey into Catcher in the Rye, a packet of Burger Rings into Lord of The Rings or some dark chocolate into The Heart of Darkness.


15.  DIY beer cooler

If you’re looking for more of a wood-working project, transform a simple eskie into a cooler stand, with a built-in beer opener!

For the handy dad:

Rolled up sleeves and a twinkle in his eye, this Dad usually wants for nothing…because he’s already gone and and made it himself. If you want to make something from the heart, here are some DIY gifts for the ultimate DIYer!


16. Roll-up tool organiser

Grab a roll of canvas, vinyl, leather — or any other fabric your heart desires — and create this super-easy roll-up tool organiser (pictured above)! Not only does it look epic, but they’ll get a shiver of Dexter-style coolness unrolling their tools every time they need to grab a spanner.


17. Swiss army key ring

If you dad’s a tinkerer, chances are he has a strong appreciation for this all-in-one tool. This incredible DIY tutorial takes inspiration from the Swiss army knife and takes key rings to a whole new level!


18. Workshop chalkboard

When you’re in the middle of a project, having a space to sketch out ideas, note down measurements or make a shopping list for Bunnings can be a godsend. With a little chalkboard paint, you can create a workshop chalkboard out of almost anything; a cheap frame, a serving tray or even a blank garage wall!


19. Organise his tool shed

Just because they’re handy, doesn’t mean they’re tidy. If you can sort out secret access, do your dad a huge favour and organise his tool shed or workshop for him! If you need inspo, check out these genius tool storage and workshop organisation ideas.


20. Backyard ‘Man Cave’

Last, bust certainly not least; the best gift you could give a DIY dad is quality time on a shared project. As the ultimate Fathers’ Day surprise, rock up with some suggested designs, your own two hands and a willing attitude to build a backyard Man Cave together!

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