15 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas for the Eco-Friendly Aussie

‘Tis the season of festivities, generosity and celebrations! It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement, but if you’re looking to minimise your waste, keep Christmas costs down or simply embrace a unique, Australian Christmas, check out these 15 awesome DIY Christmas decoration ideas!

Eco-friendly and inspired by Australian bushcraft, they’ll be sure to make a difference to your décor, wallet and your eco-footprint this silly season.


DIY Wreaths

DIY native bush wreaths and garlands

Deck the halls with boughs of banksia this year with a native wreath or garland! This awesome DIY tutorial shows how to weave it all together, but keep flicking through for tips on what kind of foliage and flowers to use.


With your greenery, explore different leaf and feature types, such as:

  1. Flowering gums, with firework-like blooms
  2. Wattles
  3. Grevillea
  4. Red Ironbark 
  5. Weeping Bottlebrush 
  6. Purple fountain grass


Explore some festive, native wildflowers such as:

  1. Banksia
  2. Pincushion Hakea
  3. Powderpuff Lilly Pilly
  4. Kangaroo paw
  5. Protea
  6. Waratah


For additional details, use gumnuts or berries, such as those found on the Hill's Weeping Fig or riberry tree, or add white accents such as aniseed myrtle, tea tree and silver croton.

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Succulent Wreath

For something a little different, combine your love of crafting, gardening and Christmas with an amazing succulent wreath! They're easy to water and you're left with a living decoration to last you for years to come, if properly cared for. Check out this super simple DIY tutorial!



Christmas Décor

Herb garlands

Weave together herbs like rosemary, bay leaf branches, oregano, basil, thyme, mint, and any other herbs you like, to create a centrepiece that doubles as flavour enhancers for your Christmas meal.

Add red chilies, radishes, garlic bulbs or cranberries for splashes of festive colour! Check out the DIY tutorial here!

Festive fruit centrepieces

Turn the standard fruit bowl into a festive and unique centrepiece!

Mix fruits, such as pomegranates, cherries, plums, figs, nectarines and apples, with native green foliage, to be enjoyed as a light dessert and palate cleanser after all that roast turkey.

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Driftwood faux reindeer antlers

The rustic charm of antlers without the hunting!

Popular in coastal style décor, it can be laid against a table,  mantelpiece or propped in a vase, with ornaments hanging from its branches. Not close to the shore? Check out this simple tutorial on how to DIY your own driftwood! 

Wrapping paper alternatives

Even though paper is recyclable, every festive season sees an increase by 30% of rubbish volumes Australia-wide; including gift wrapping and packaging.

Check out these gift wrapping alternatives, like fabric wrapping with secondhand scarves, to cut back on your waste this Christmas.



Christmas Tree Alternatives

Christmas Tree Wall Art

Maximise your floor space with these beautiful yet simple DIY Christmas Tree Wall Art Ideas.

Floating ornament mobile tree

If ornaments are the most treasured element of your tree, why not make them the focus?

This detailed tutorial shows you how to create a floating mobile that creates a sleek, modern Christmas Tree.

Mini Tree

Baby trees, such as Australian brush cherry, bunya bunya or Norfolk Island pines, or shrubs like rosemary or lavender, make beautiful mini trees that can be set on a shelf or counter and offer the same lush look and fresh smell as a real one! Check out how to make your own rosemary mini Christmas Tree here.

String light tree

Put those Christmas lights to good use and create a glowing tree on your wall with this simple tutorial.

Christmas bouquet

Foliage or all green bouquets create a gorgeous and low key alternative that you can make as festive as you want, from small ornaments to copper wire fairy lights.

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DIY Ornaments

DIY wire ornaments

Choose a metallic that best complements your Christmas theme and morph them into whatever shapes you wish with some wire benders. 

Copper and brass ornaments look incredible against almost every colour of tree, whilst gold is rumoured to be the Accent Metal of 2019!

Glass bulb planters

Bulb terrariums are so versatile, as they can be filled with any type of plant or clipping you desire!

These mini bulb planters are perfect for air plants, but if you're worried about them breaking, opt for a less fragile alternative by using wire or woven baskets. 

Stick snowflakes

This tutorial shows you how to create beautiful rustic snowflakes out of the sticks in your yard that you were going to sweep up anyway. 

This is a great option for those looking for a craft exercise to keep the kids entertained!

Nature baubles

Turn a trip to the park or beach into a treasure hunt! Simply glue or screw a bauble hanger onto foraged gum nuts, banksia seed pods, pine cones or driftwood!

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Written by Evelyn Kandris


Good tidings we bring, to you and your kin; we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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