Design Trend – Decorative fence panels

  • 3 minutes
  • 7 February 2020

Boundaries are important, but who says they can’t be fun? So, take a look at the following decorative fence panels; whether you’re after something classic or contemporary, there is something for every home.

EsateWall with stone cladding - Three Birds Renovations House 13

Case Study: Three Birds Renovations House 13

1. Alternating colour schemes

First and foremost, the transformative magic of paint is one of the most accessible customisation tricks on the market.
Have some fun with your colour schemes, like this alternating pool fence design! Hot tip: painter’s tape will be your best friend for this type of project.

SlimWall pool wall with express joints

2. Feature tiled fence panels

Another effective, accessible way to create decorative fence panels is with a tiled finish! Take a page out of Three Birds Renovations’ book and create a unique finish with a creative tile pattern.

Three Birds EstateWall

3. Timber feature panels

Mix earthy materials into your fence design with timber infills. Integrate slats along the top, play around with timber battens or invest in a whole feature bay!


EstateWall PointCook VIC

4. Stone cladding

Make your home the standout on the street by customising your ModularWalls with stone cladding.

Case Study: EstateWall front wall customised with stone cladding for Three Birds Renovations House 14

5. Fence panels meet pergola

Why not have both? These stunning decorative fence panels deliver the best of both worlds, with screens that travel up and over the entertaining deck.

The result? A unique aesthetic, plus a practical purpose, thanks to the shade from the pergola!


Residential Dividing Feature Walls | ModularWalls

6. Vertical fence panels

Lines help to create structure and elongation within architecture. Our fence panels were installed vertically rather than stacked horizontally in this example, resulting in a striking vertical pattern.

Decorative Fence Panels - Design Trends | ModularWalls

7. Expressed joint fencing feature

Further to this concept, horizontal lines can effortlessly make a fence seem longer; and, as a consequence, make the space appear larger!

Expressed joint features in many designs — including Alisa & Lysandra’s iconic Albert Park reno — to create a striking architectural edge. Who knew such a simple feature could have such a dramatic effect!

SlimWall with express joints | ModularWalls | Divding Fence Acts

8. Decorative screen infills

Laser-cut decorative fence panels can easily be found online — or even at your local Bunnings. For example, the customer has integrated decorative screens in the same colour as the wall for this project’s subtle yet striking aesthetic.

EstateWall Thornlands QLD

Whether you’re looking for a contemporary design or a classic style, decorative infills will instantly add elegance to your home.

Decorative Infills with ModularWalls

9. Contrasting screen infills

On the other hand, some homes are born to stand out rather than blend in. So, you can make a bold statement by integrating a contrasting screen colour into your fence design.

The mixed materials and textures in this VogueWall work beautifully with the smooth panels, intricate screens, and timber panelling!


VogueWall with contrasting laser cut infills

10. Panel-affixed feature screens

Last but definitely not least, decorative fence panels can also be added post-installation. Give your existing modular wall or fence a revamp by fixing elements to the panel!

For instance, the following project used a mix of tiling, lighting and decorative screens; all achieved post-installation.

Customised VogueWall with decorative panels and lighting

What’s the take-home message? In short, it’s never too late to add some fun to your fence!