10 creative retaining walls

  • 3 minutes
  • 2 March 2018

Retaining walls have to be many things; strong, durable, and sometimes even specifically engineered. More importantly, they can also be unique, fun, interesting and downright transformative. Find inspiration in the 10 most creative retaining walls that we’ve come across!

1. Industrial chic

The mix of wood textures and geometric design of this front façade creates a striking effect, with the oversized stud detailing lending an overarching industrial feel. The spiky plants were also a great way to add a breath of life and save the space from looking too harsh or devoid of nature, whilst continuing that edgy, contemporary vibe.

retaining wall ideas | Planter Box

2. Unique planter box façade 

This gorgeous new corner-block property has corrected their sloping lot by utilising modular retaining walls to create integrated retaining within their boundary wall, and standalone retaining walls for a feature planter box façade. The shelf that’s made by the balcony creates a unique box-frame effect that would look stunning with a few well-placed garden spotlights.

3. Shotcrete rock face

This backyard has chosen a combination of retaining solutions, including a sandstone brick garden bed and a shotcrete retaining wall behind it.

Shotcrete, or sprayed concrete, comes in a variety of colours, from the standard grey to warm sandstone and clay colours, which can create a natural ‘rock’ aesthetic.

4. Pool area seating 

This entertainer’s dream of a pool area used a tiered layout to create gorgeous layers of garden beds and extra seating around the pool. What a stunning use of retaining walls!

Retaining Wall Ideas | Pool Area Seating

5. DIY backyard pond 

In terms of uniqueness, this one may be the winner! Using a careful array of boulders, stones and pebbles, this homeowner has used low-level retaining walls to create a slice of wilderness in their own backyard with a man-made pond!

6. Boulder retaining wall 

A childcare centre in Melbourne, VIC, used huge boulders to create a raised sandpit for the children to play in; we are in love with the colours and textures! It may not keep 100% of the sand in, but the natural aesthetic it creates is truly beautiful.

7. Gabion basket green wall 

This genius design combines the vertical garden trend with the high-performance retaining functions of gabion baskets, and the results are gorgeous!

Gabion baskets offer an affordable, unique and sustainable retaining solution, but they take up a huge amount of land space with their width, making them a better option for sprawling backyards or commercial spaces.

8. Planter box front wall 

This gorgeous, customised hybrid of modular retaining walls and front walls allowed for planter boxes to border the entrance to the block of units, with the stone cladding harmonising with the erosion control logs that added a natural, almost nautical touch to the garden.

9. Tiered backyard 

Add a sense of grandeur to your home and simultaneously increase the functionality of your property with a tiered backyard!

Have some fun with the layered garden beds with colour schemes, sectioned vegetable or herb gardens, or gravity fed irrigation systems and water features!

10. Integrated retaining walls 

Modular walls can seamlessly incorporate retaining panels into any of their boundary wall, front wall and fencing systems, creating a dual-purpose wall.

What does this mean? Basically, the end of having to build two different walls or fences for those who need to level their land. Cut costs and hassle in half, and enjoy a sleek, seamless aesthetic!

We hope these creative retaining walls inspired you to begin your retaining wall project with ModularWalls.