Boundary wall and fencing project ideas for your home

  • 4 minutes
  • 18 March 2021

There are many reasons why you might wish to begin a boundary wall and fencing project for your home. Your current fence is falling down or is no longer keeping your kids and pets secure in your yard. Or you may have just renovated your home and are looking to upgrade your existing fence. Whatever the reason you need a new fence or boundary wall, keep reading for fencing ideas to inspire a fencing project at your place.

Boundary wall and fencing projects

There are many considerations when deciding on boundary wall fencing or dividing fences, such as costs, time, and the aesthetic you want to achieve. Plus, what is the purpose of your fence? Is it to block noise, create privacy or provide security? If you’re up to the challenge, go all out and build a new boundary wall yourself. They make a great dog fence to keep your treasured furry friends secure while you’re out, as this customer in Tasmania did. A complete boundary wall can also be customised with decorative panels or slats and capping to create a unique look.

However, a complete boundary wall for your backyard fence may not be an option, especially if you’re neighbours aren’t on board with contributing to costs. Another option is to install a partial DIY fence in the area that will have the most impact and benefits for your home. Whether that’s a privacy fence to block the neighbours view into your backyard or block traffic noise from a busy road. There are many options and combinations to build your DIY boundary wall or dividing fence, such as:

  • Placing ModularWalls in front of your existing garden fence
  • Combining fence types to create a dividing fence
  • Sloping block dividing fence
  • Combination dividing and retaining fence
Boundary wall and fencing project: Boundary fence with TrendWall painted black.

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Front fence projects

Another great DIY boundary wall and fencing project option includes installing several fence panels to create a sophisticated front fence. An example is this coastal barn grand entrance using EstateWall on either side of the driveway gates. This modern and high-end finish connects the front entrance with the house using matching colours and lighting. The result is a fast and cost-effective solution that looks fantastic and will undoubtedly add value to your home.

Coastal Barn Dream - Feature Wall

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If you’re on a sloping block, another front fence solution combines our ModularWalls systems with our retaining fence panels (TerraFirm). Using an integrated approach is a great cost-saving solution over building a brick wall. ModularWalls systems might also provide a faster solution, as you may not need council approval. Check your local council for regulations.  

Another way to turn your front fence into a feature is to add a modern fence gate. There are so many options to suit your style, whether it’s a decorative laser cut panel, slats, or wood. Not only will everyone know exactly where your front entrance is, but you’ll also have peace of mind your children are safe from busy roads.

Boundary wall and fencing project: Front wall using EstateWall customised with cladding.

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Feature wall projects

A feature wall in your yard can have a significant impact. Whether you’re looking to create a small feature wall or large pool fence, you can transform outdated areas into modern showpieces. By adding integrated lighting, decorative panels, and plants, your pool or entertaining area will be the go-to place to be enjoyed day and night.  

Not only will a feature wall provide a focal point, but it can also double as a privacy screen and a way to reduce noise between backyards. If installing a privacy screen in front of an existing fence, we recommend reading our tips for installing a privacy screen

As mentioned above, your feature wall can consist of a few panels, one side of your pool fence, or create an outdoor living area such as a fire pit. See the examples below.


Hamptons Style Pool Area | Three Birds Renovations House 11

Boundary wall and fencing project customisation

With any boundary wall and fencing project, there are many customisation options available. To create something unique to your home, consider the following customisations:


  • Rendering / textured finish
  • Tiling


  • Gates
  • Letterboxes
  • Lighting
  • Slats


  • Custom capping
  • Decorative panels
  • Vertical gardens
Boundary wall and fencing project inspiration: SlimWall with aluminium posts and integrated lighting. The dark paint colour makes the foliage of the plants pop.

Without a doubt, a high-end boundary wall and fencing project for your home is achievable. Australian made and built to last. ModularWalls is an excellent DIY fence that is both quick to install and cost-effective compared to a rendered wall. Start your project this weekend!