Expert Advice: Tackling your new backyard; which Tradies can help (and when!)

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  • 13 November 2019

For many people, planning a new backyard is one of the most exciting parts of building a new build. It’s a place your children will grow, play and explore; a space for hosting BBQs; your weekend sanctuary to kick back with a book and a coffee. So, to help you build your dream outdoor area, we’ve compiled the ultimate checklist of which Tradies you need for the job – and in what order!

1. Landscape designer/ architect

Enlisting the services of a qualified and experienced landscape designer will lay the foundation for a successful outdoor project.

Your landscape design professional will first get an understanding of your lifestyle and how you intend to use your backyard. Do you enjoy being in the garden and maintaining it in your spare time? Or do you prefer a low-maintenance garden which still looks beautiful for entertaining?

Based on your consultation, your landscape designer will then be able to plan a landscape that suits your needs. This will include ordering materials, and advising on permits and licensing requirements required for landscape construction and associated contractors.

By searching for customer reviews, photos of past work and asking for their qualifications, you can ensure you select the best business for the job when getting quotes from landscape designers.

 2.  Hardscape builder/landscaper

The next step in the creation of your backyard is the construction of the hardscape. This includes non-natural features such as patios, decking, pergolas, pathways, paving, driveways, retaining walls and fences. These components are installed before softscape elements, such as turf and plants, so the garden isn’t damaged during installation.

It’s also worth asking your home builder/carpenter if they would be willing to construct the hardscapes for you.

Expert Advice Tackling your new backyard; which Tradies can help (and when!)

3.  Fencing contractor

Whether you’re after a Colorbond, timber, PVC or modular fence, an experienced fencing contractor will be able to install the best type of fence to suit your budget and needs.

A few questions to ask them include “Do you offer a guarantee on your workmanship or products?” and “How many years of experience do you have in the industry?”, as well as the same selection criteria you’ve used for your other contractors.

4.  Concreter

A concreting professional will be able to install many key features of your backyard, including the driveway, garden pathways, retaining walls, concrete garden edging and slabs for garden sheds, outdoor rooms or entertaining areas.

 5. Pool builder

If you’re seeking the added luxury of a swimming pool, you will need to hire an experienced pool installation business to help you keep your cool in summer!

Pool specialists can create 3D plans for your pool as part of your backyard project; this should include suggestions for suitable materials and finishes, and give you a quote before installing the pool. Find out if they have installed swimming pools in locations similar to yours and look at their past work to see if they can achieve your dream pool area.

 6. Soft landscaper

Soft landscaping or “softscaping” refers to the management of the living features of the backyard; this includes planting flowers, trees and other plants, turfing and mulching. These horticultural
features are designed to complement the hardscape. Softscaping can include consultation, design, installation and maintenance of the plants by a qualified landscaper.

Your landscaper will select practical and creative flora for your particular home and location, and should be able to explain why they have chosen certain colours, shapes and textures for the space. Check the business’ past reviews to make sure previous customers have been adequately involved in the landscaping process; communication is key when it comes to such a task!

 7. Plumber

A plumber can help with things like garden drainage, irrigation systems, rainwater tanks and outdoor kitchens or showers. Garden drainage will distribute excess water into the sewerage structures when the soil reaches maximum water retention, establishing the correct level of moisture for the plants to thrive.

Plumbers can also install irrigation systems to automatically water the plants and turf, to avoid over-watering and save costs.

 8. Electrician

As one of the finishing touches on your beautiful new outdoor space, we highly recommend hiring a qualified electrician to install landscape and garden lighting. This a fantastic way to highlight and enjoy the most attractive aspects of your yard, such as water features, pergolas or trees.

Lighting high traffic areas such as paths and pool areas is also essential for safety and improve security by deterring criminals if the exterior of your house is well-lit. Landscape lighting can also increase the value of your property and increase curb appeal.

For these reasons, hiring an electrician will be a key element to creating the perfect outdoor space for your new home. The most important question to ask when hiring an electrician will be “Are you fully licensed and insured?”.

Customised VogueWall with decorative panels and lighting

 9. Stylist/designer

Finally, hiring the services of a stylist/designer will be the cherry on top of your beautifully designed backyard. This professional will first provide an exterior design consultation; you will be able to tap into their expertise to create the perfect design concept for your space.

The placement and styling of artwork, furniture, ornaments, plants and other accessories can then be brought to life to create a seamless flow between your interior style and your exterior areas. This will enhance and complement all of the hard work of the other trades involved in the design and creation of the exterior areas of your new home.

The best way to choose the right stylist/designer is to view their website and social media, such as Instagram and Pinterest; all good designers will have detailed images of their best work. Doing the relevant research will help increase the chances of your project  being completed smoothly and efficiently, with the least amount of down-time between trades.

The sooner the work is completed, the sooner you can sit back and relax in your amazing new space!

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