A corner block fit for a king

  • 2 minutes
  • 16 September 2016

This residential corner block on the Gold Coast posed a number of unique installation challenges. The site was very narrow with a frontage of only 3 metres, and had steep sides running up to a two-unit house situated at an elevation of between 0.6 to 1.5 metres above street level. Given the elevation of the house as well as its exposed position on a corner block, the client wanted high walls in order to provide occupants with adequate privacy.

While the client requested a solid-looking wall, a conventional cement-rendered option wasn’t feasible due to the presence of telegraph poles and phone lines, making the installation of brick piers too difficult. The client did not want to needlessly sacrifice space, given the comparatively small size of the property and the fact that the two-unit home occupied most of the internal space. Time was also a constraint, with the client starting the project just before the festive season yet wanting it completed by Christmas.

VogueWall Tugun QLD - corner block

SlimWall meets the challenges of a small corner block

The client decided that a low footprint wall was the best solution for the complexity of the project. He chose SlimWall, which simply involved inserting a series of posts into the ground, before installing wall panels that had been purposely cut to follow the site’s contours and were of adequate height to ensure privacy. This solved any potential issues with the telegraph poles as well as the limited internal space of the property itself.

The result was a tall, visually pleasing wall with aluminium slats to enhance aesthetic impact. The project also readily satisfied the requirements of local council with respect to street appearance. Another advantage provided by the use of the SlimWall solution was the rapid construction made possible by its lightweight modular design, which enabled installers to complete the project within a very brief time frame. While a cement-rendered brick or block wall would have taken roughly two weeks to complete, the fencing team managed to complete installation of the project in just several days.

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