The EnduroMax is an ultra-resilient, high-performance modular noise wall panel that is designed specifically for the extreme conditions associated with road, rail and civil infrastructure environments.

The superior acoustic performance and strong fire resistance of the EnduroMax panel makes them ideal for the intense rigours of rail lines and highways.

The panel can reach 4.2 metres in width and have a density of around 30 kg per square metre, making them much lighter and more manoeuvrable than concrete walls conventionally employed to abate the noise pollution generated by transportation infrastructure.

One of the key advantages of the EnduroMax is its high level of impact-resistance and durability, enabling it to successfully withstand the minor collisions and vandalism that so often affects transit installations.

The product is approved by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, and has passed highly rigorous testing for impact resistance and strength. When Queensland engineers dropped a 4kg steel shot put ball onto the EnduroMax from a height of over 3 metres, the impact failed to leave a dent of more than 2mm, attesting to the sheer strength of the panel.

The EnduroMax panel approaches concrete in terms of durability, yet is far cheaper and easier to install because of its low weight and modular structure.

The fibre cement outerskins provide a smooth finish that is similar to cement, and can provide road and rail infrastructure with an elegant conventional aesthetic.

The EnduroMax meets and exceeds all specification requirements:

  • NSW: Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) R271 – Design & Construction of Noise Walls
  • QLD: Department of Transport & Main Roads (TMR) Technical Specification MRTS15 – Noise Fences
  • VIC: VicRoads Bridge Technical Note 1999/006 – Design Criteria for Noise Barriers
  • WA: Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA) Specification 904 – Noise Walls


  • Roadway compliant
  • Ultra-high impact resistance
  • Vandal resistant
  • Superior acoustic performance
  • Panel spans up to 4.2 metres


  • Specifications
  • Commercial Brochure
  • Road & Rail Brochure
Outer skinCementitious / impact layer
Panel coreEPS
Available lengths2440mm, 3040mm or 4240mm
Available heights12000mm +
Thickness75mm to 150mm
(wind region dependant)
Density 30.50 kg/m²
Soil retentionon request
Rw31 (average)

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Projects Using EnduroMax

Noise wall for Queensland infrastructure

This master-planned community in the Queensland town of Cooroy is situated adjacent to the Bruce Highway, which is the largest carrier of traffic in the Sunshine State.

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Dual purpose wall needed for Ballina Bypass

A newly constructed bypass in Northern NSW required a dual purpose wall that provided houses backing onto it with a high level of noise attenuation as well as a barrier to stop pedestrians wandering onto or near the road.

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