Noise-reducing EnduroMax® delivers for The Ridgeway residents

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  • 25 March 2021

On behalf of the DAHUA GROUP, WEM (Western Earthmoving) required an RMS compliant noise-reducing barrier to shield The Ridgeway estate residents from heavy traffic noise on the adjacent roadway.

The Ridgeway estate

The Ridgeway Estate

The Ridgeway is a 136-lot estate offering house and land packages developed by DAHUA GROUP in a neighbourhood known as ‘The Ridge,’ in Barden Ridge, NSW. The lots ranging in size from 550sqm to 890sqm are just minutes from Menai. The estate backs on to the Royal National Park but is also adjacent to the busy New Illawarra Road. Therefore, a noise-reducing barrier was crucial for lowering heavy traffic and truck noise. As well as a sound barrier, the wall needed to be aesthetically pleasing for residents as they enter the estate. Lastly, the noise barrier needed to comply with RMS R271 specifications.

Additionally, The Ridgeway land release also required an integrated retaining wall solution in areas where the housing development land was lower than the New Illawarra Road.

The Ridgeway estate noise-reducing fence

Collaborative and flexible approach

Working closely with WEM (Western Earthmoving), ModularWalls consulted on wall design and material quantities to ensure a smooth installation. Subsequently, the team overcame several challenges, resulting in a practical solution to secure the noise wall footings into solid sandstone, which was present just below ground level.


With a collaborative approach to the project, the teams delivered cost-benefits and reduced installation time compared to other RMS R271 noise wall alternatives.

The Ridgeway estate

The noise-reducing and retaining solution

Given these points, ModularWalls’ EnduroMax acoustic fencing solution and the TerraFirmX commercial retaining panel were the perfect solution. These products combined offer both a sound barrier and integrated retaining wall capabilities up to 3 metres and a 10kPa retaining load.

Additionally, EnduroMax’s portability and manoeuvrability (30.50 kg/m²), combined with its impact-resistance and noise-reducing capabilities, give this system a clear advantage over conventional concrete wall solutions such as precast concrete or Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC).

As a result, the EnduroMax acoustic wall reached 3-4 metres tall and was ~850 lineal metres long. In addition, TerraFirmX offered an integrated retaining wall solution up to 2.4 metres.  Consequently, there was no visible transition between the retaining wall and the noise wall when viewed from the development wall’s low side — giving a seamless, high-end finish.

The Ridgeway estate - noise-reducing fence

The benefits of acoustic fence panels with integrated retaining 

As a result of using ModularWalls’ EnduroMax and integrated TerraFirmX, The Ridgeway project achieved:

  • Quick installation
  • Cost savings
  • A high-end, seamless aesthetic
  • Reduced traffic noise
  • RMS R271 compliance

As well as the above, The Ridgeway residents will enjoy a noise barrier with a modern aesthetic for many years to come.

The Ridgeway estate - noise reducing fence

Overall, as Australian designed and manufactured products, with an outstanding RMS project track record, ModularWalls is a reliable and cost-effective solution over traditional methods.

Project: The Ridgeway Noise Barrier Wall
ModularWalls Products:

Location: The Ridgeway, Barden Ridge, NSW
Developer: DAHUA GROUP
Contractor: WEM (Western Earthmoving)

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