RMS engages ModularWalls for zero-impact temporary enclosure during Harbour Bridge works

  • 2 minutes
  • 19 August 2019

The Roads & Maritime Services required a temporary enclosure to support safe, efficient bridge works, spanning several years of scheduled updates for the iconic Harbour Bridge. There was also a high level of preservation orders around the heritage-listed site. Therefore, the application demanded a zero-impact design with a Leave No Trace deconstruction strategy.

Having previously worked with the company on acoustic projects within the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and various road noise barriers, the RMS once more engaged ModularWalls for this highly customised solution.

Temporary enclosure

The design required visual privacy, high security, and multiple points of access. The structure had strict installation restrictions, including a ban on strip footings or any connection to the pylon. Additional preservation orders on surrounding vegetation also demanded minimal site disturbance and highly attentive construction practices.

ModularWalls worked closely with the RMS to design a custom supply and install a temporary enclosure, undergoing multiple stages of planning and approvals. The final solution utilised a TrendWall system, reaching 3m high and profiling to ground level to suit the land’s natural slope.

Additionally, a custom modular automatic pedestrian gate and a double-access vehicle gate satisfied access requirements. While simultaneously delivering a harmonised aesthetic with the rest of the enclosure. TrendWall’s lightweight components and simple modular construction ensured strict site disturbance protocols were respected and construction completed within a few days. 

Once the bridge works conclude, the modular temporary enclosure will be deconstructed and returned to the ModularWalls manufacturing plant, where its components will be reused.

About TrendWall®

TrendWall is our sleek, high-performance modular fence for those who want more. TrendWall offers taller heights, higher acoustic and retaining capabilities and corrosive-resistant aluminium posts.

  • Up to 3m high
  • Approx. 25dB noise reduction
  • Aluminium posts
  • Add lighting, gates or electrical cabling as desired
  • Integrate retaining panel to retain up to 750mm
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