Top 4 considerations before buying a modular retaining wall

  • 3 minutes
  • 18 February 2021

If you’ve heard about modular retaining walls but are still, ‘on the fence’ about whether it’s the right solution for your retaining wall project, look no further. Here are four retaining wall benefits you may not have considered.

Modular retaining wall seamless integration

Quite often if you need a retaining wall and fence, it means having two different finishes, which may not be the look and feel you were hoping to achieve. However, our modular system can easily integrate a retaining panel with a modular wall or fence. The result is a seamless all-in-one solution with a modern high-end finish. For example, our retaining panel TerraFirm seamlessly integrates with a modular fence panel like EstateWall. The result is a functional retaining wall and all in one fence or boundary wall, with a seamless finish.

EstateWall - modular retaining wall

DIY friendly modular retaining wall

A modular system is also a lightweight option if considering the DIY route. Unlike brick, stone, concrete, or sleeper retaining walls that are labour intensive and costly. A modular system arrives in kit form with detailed installation guides. Meaning your new retaining wall could be a reality much sooner than expected. A DIY ModularWalls fence or wall doesn’t require any heavy machinery and is complete in four steps! However, if you’re not looking for a DIY project, professional installation is available.


Whether you have a sloping block to level or a garden retaining wall to create, a modular retaining wall system is a durable option. While the panels are lightweight, they will withstand the test of time. Plus, the post system design factors in any future movement without cracking.

Tiered front yard VogueWall retaining wall

High-end finish

Finally, you can’t go past the high-end finish of a modular wall system. Especially, as you can customise the finish to suit your style, choose between paint, texture, tile, or cladding.

For example, you can paint your retaining wall in the same colour as your house. This way, your home and retaining wall tie-in together, giving a sophisticated modern finish, rather than looking like an afterthought. Of course, you can always choose a contrasting colour from your house and make your retaining wall a feature. Either way, you will have an impressive retaining wall and fence that will be the envy of your neighbours.

Above all, a modular retaining wall is cost-effective and easy to install. If you would like to know more about modular retaining walls, read out tips on, ‘How to plan your DIY retaining wall project’.