Design Trend – Sun Trap Corners

  • 2 minutes
  • 6 August 2020

Take a look at these stunning sun trap corners from our creative customers.

VougeWall Pool with pot plants - Sun trap corners

What is a sun trap corner?

A sun trap is an outdoor area that gets drenched in sun, with fencing that shields it from the wind.

However, the quality and height of the fencing is a large factor in creating a serene, protected atmosphere; but this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to replace your fence! By creating a sun trap corner with modular walls, you can install the screens just in front of your existing boundary and create an open-air outdoor room, as such.

This allows you to build a protected corner, create a stunning visual backdrop and it even offers dual-purpose noise reduction; it blocks outside noise from interrupting your serenity, as well as controlling any noise you create within your living space.

How to use your sun trap corner

The perfect usage of this space will depend on the direction your outdoor area faces, as well as what your climate’s like during each season. Some ideas include:

Breakfast nook

If your area catches more sun in the morning, consider designing a breakfast nook. Transform your morning routine and bask in some gentle, morning sunshine, alongside your fresh cup of coffee and smashed avocado with fetta (or some eggs-benny-extra-bacon, love!).

Three Birds VogueWall House 11 - Sun trap corners

Outdoor fireplace

On the other hand, if your sun trap faces toward a westerly direction, a twilight entertaining zone could be the ticket. Catch the last moments of daylight and watch the stars come out alongside a crackling fire!

Edible garden

Have strong sun all year ’round? Make the most of your endless-summer micro-climate by planting a sun-hungry edible garden! This is the perfect position for a veggie patch, herb garden or some mini fruit trees.

Palm Springs succulent sun trap garden

If the sun is just too hardcore for much else, choose a theme that harnesses the beauty of desert dwelling. A Palm Springs style living space with hard-wearing rockeries and drought-tolerant succulents will survive even the harshest, driest sun traps.

Add some feature lanterns and low seating for a cosy night-time entertaining space, for after the sun has eased off for the day!