Design Trend – Stone Cladding Feature Wall

  • 3 minutes
  • 20 May 2021

For this month’s featured design trend, we explore how to create your very own stone cladding feature wall. These stunning walls are so stylish; you’ll be amazed at just how easy it is to achieve this look.

Why use stone cladding? 

For one thing, stone cladding is the perfect way to turn your ModularWalls into a feature. There are different styles to choose from; plus, it can be your next DIY project! However, a fence contractor can help if DIY isn’t for you. Compared to a natural stone wall, it’s a cost-effective option to achieving the same look. Stone cladding is long-lasting, lightweight and customisable. What’s not to love?

Stone Cladding Feature on our EstateWall for Three Birds Renovations House 14

Different styles

Whether you go for a sandstone cladding feature wall or a classic limestone look, there is no doubt it’s going to look fantastic. Paired perfectly with existing ModularWalls, these different options will complement your home’s aesthetic. For example, you can turn any wall into a stone fence, including retaining and pool walls. Your stone cladding can also be waterproofed to ensure durability in these areas. Using stone cladding, you can create an inviting outdoor space that will have all your friends talking.

Dry stacking or mortar joints?

Then once you know which stone suits your style best, you need to decide between dry stacking or mortar joints. Dry stacking has smaller gaps between the stones, creating the illusion that the rocks came together naturally in this form.

Undeniably using light coloured sandstone dry stacking is a terrific option for your entryway – just like at Three Birds Renovations House 13! The stone look made their ModularWalls a feature without compromising their chosen aesthetic, and it looks phenomenal. In contrast, Mortar joints have the stones spread out more on the surface, creating a classic style. A great benefit of using mortar joints is that you can pick the mortar colour between the stones. This gives you an additional way to make a grand statement, resulting in a feature wall that’s all your own.

EstateWall Three Birds House 13 - Design Trend – Stone Cladding Feature Wall

Can I apply stone cladding to existing ModularWalls?

You can use any ModularWalls to create the stone feature wall of your dreams. Our walls are customisable, and once painted, are the ideal surface for cladding. You can work with a fence installer or landscaper or do it yourself! As a rule of thumb, our panels can bear approximately 20kg per square metre, so the lightweight nature of stone cladding is a perfect finish. 

Stone Cladding on ModularWalls posts

Above all, stonewall cladding will add flair to the feature wall your home has been missing. No matter what your aesthetic, there is a stone cladding option for you!