Design Trend – Small Backyard Ideas

  • 5 minutes
  • 21 July 2022

Don’t let your small backyard go unutilised. We’ve put together a range of small backyard ideas to highlight the potential of your outdoor space. There is something for every small backyard, from plunge pools, geometric gardens, stand-up bars and vegetable patches.

Small backyard ideas for narrow spaces

The popularity of duplex homes means backyards are becoming much narrower than the standard quarter-acre block. But don’t let a narrow space limit your small backyard ideas. You can achieve a lot in a small space — including a plunge pool and dining area.

Ideas for those who love to entertain

If you love to entertain, then a small backyard shouldn’t stop you. There are many options, and creating the perfect entertainer’s backyard often creates multiple outdoor living zones.

Firstly, why not use a small area for a stand-up bar, and add a few stools if there is room. Next, create a small outdoor kitchen with one of the many small BBQs available, or if space permits, go all out with a built-in kitchen and pizza oven. Next, you’ll need a dining table to sit and enjoy your homemade delights. Then, you can’t go wrong with an outdoor lounge area. Sitting back on a comfy lounge in front of a fire pit and catching up with friends is the perfect way to relax after a long day. 

Other ideas to spark your imagination are:

  • A screen and projector for movie nights under the stars or watching big sporting events.
  • Tiered built-in corner bench seats ensure everyone can see the outdoor movie screen. The benches will also make great sun-lounges in the summer. 
  • A retractable deck over your pool can double as a dance floor in the winter months.
  • Go high or low! Use multiple levels in your small space to create distinct living areas. You can create a sunken outdoor lounge area or multi-levelled decking around the pool/spa or fire pit areas. 
  • Lastly, a drinks cart or built-in fridge will be a welcome addition for those summer pool parties. 

How about a lush garden without grass

As mentioned above, a small backyard doesn’t mean you need to limit your ideas on what’s achievable. For example, if you have a green thumb or just want a place to escape, why not fill your yard with a garden? 

Small backyard ideas for your garden include:

  • Consider a grid of different in-ground garden beds filled with plants of various shapes and sizes. Finish by adding gravel paths around each garden bed so you can walk through and admire your handiwork. Alternatively, raised garden beds look fantastic, especially with your ModularWalls boundary fence or wall. 
  • Create a tropical rainforest (assuming the climate is suitable, alternatively, create a greenhouse for your tropical oasis)
  • Or go all out and make a mini-maze with a table setting at the centre.

Yes, small backyards can include a pool

If you are contemplating installing a plunge pool, you can read about all the many considerations here. But, if you already have a pool in your small backyard, is it time to update the surrounding area? Here are just a few ideas: 

  • Create a luxury resort atmosphere at home with:
    • Sun-lounges
    • Beach umbrellas
    • Day beds
    • Hanging chairs
    • Drinks cart 
    • Luxurious accessories
  • Grow a vertical garden
  • Add outdoor lounges, cushions & other accessories like hurricane lamps/candles.
  • Replace the flooring around the pool to give a consistent aesthetic with other outdoor areas.
  • Replace any muddy grass areas with artificial grass.
  • Build bench seats that double as storage to hide all the pool toys.
  • Create a floating deck over a section of the pool.
  • Add a ModularWalls pool feature wall with integrated lighting to enjoy your pool day and night.

Considerations for your small backyard design

When formulating your small backyard ideas, it’s important to consider your yard’s unique factors. For example, if you’re thinking of filling your entire yard with a lush garden, will there be enough light for the plants to thrive — or too much direct sunlight? Other considerations include:

  • Are you prepared to mow grass, or will artificial grass suit you best?
  • If planning a pergola or outdoor structure, will you need council approval?
  • If planning a water feature or even a pool, what are the compliance regulations you need to meet?
  • While kid’s play equipment is a great addition to any backyard, kids quickly outgrow it or become bored. So, it’s probably wise to choose equipment that can be easily removed or replaced. 
  • Are you hoping to improve privacy from surrounding neighbours?
  • Have you considered any increase in noise levels from your backyard and how this may affect surrounding neighbours?
  • A ModularWalls privacy screen, pool feature wall, or boundary fence will provide much-needed privacy and reduce noise in your small backyard. 

We hope these small backyard ideas inspire you to start transforming your outdoor space. Overall, a backyard design to suit your family and style of living will undoubtedly bring many hours of happiness outdoors.