Outdoor living – Three Birds Renovations

  • 3 minutes
  • 25 May 2021

House 13 in the Three Birds Renovations series has it all. From gorgeous bedrooms and bathrooms to resort-worthy outdoor living, including a pool, outdoor pizza oven and outdoor shower! Read on to see how you can enjoy outdoor living like this at your place.

Outdoor living at its best

Episode seven from Three Birds Renovations House 13 showcases how easily you can create an outdoor living area using a privacy screen or garden screen. With a backyard overlooking lush green paddocks and bushland, it’s no surprise the theme for this home is an Australian staycation. In light of the staycation theme, what resort wouldn’t have an outdoor shower!

The outdoor shower has been carefully planned and appears as an extension of the main house using EstateWall. As can be seen, the position of the three-metre-high EstateWall creates an outdoor privacy screen from the next-door neighbours. The wide posts of the EstateWall and its smooth modern aesthetic perfectly suit the luxurious style of the home. The outdoor shower becomes a beautiful feature, coupled with the brass tapware, towel hooks, and complementing mosaic tiles. Who wouldn’t want this kind of outdoor living?

Equally important to the design is the ease of installation using a modular fence like EstateWall. Thanks to the lightweight nature of the panels and no strip footing requirements, this impressive privacy screen went up in a matter of hours! 

Three Birds Renovations House 13 - EstateWall outdoor living blog

Get the look:

Who needs an outdoor kitchen when you have an outdoor pizza oven

The outdoor pizza oven is the perfect addition to this beautiful backyard design. Adjacent to the wide veranda set up for alfresco dining, a homemade pizza is sure to be a family favourite.

As shown above, the high-end finish of the EstateWall makes it the ideal backdrop to the outdoor pizza oven. Outdoor living at its finest, the free-standing EstateWall offers complete privacy. Plus, the family can cook up a storm for guests knowing the EstateWall will reduce noise reaching their elevated neighbours.

Additionally, the wall makes a significant impact simply using a three-metre high EstateWall. The result is another living zone for the whole family to enjoy undoubtedly with many pizza nights to come.

Get the look:

Once again, House 13 highlights Three Birds Renovations impeccable design and style. As can be seen, you can quickly install a few EstateWall sections to create a new outdoor living zone. The result is a high-end finish that resembles a 5-star resort but is highly cost-effective compared to rendered masonry walls. So, regardless of the size of your backyard, you too can create multiple zones to maximise your outdoor living. All you need to do now is decide which zone to start first.