Design Trend – Living Coral

  • 2 minutes
  • 2 August 2019

It’s big, it’s (definitely) bold and it’s beautiful; Living Coral has been Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2019 for months now…but have you worked out how to actually use it in your home? This month’s design trend focuses on how to organically integrate this striking colour into your outdoor area!

Colour pairings for Living Coral

Here are some ways to integrate this vivid shade within a wider palette:

  • Greys make the coral a striking visual feature against an otherwise cool, calming palette
  • Neutrals bring out the warmth in the coral, creating quite a feminine aesthetic
  • Black or white will create a punchy ‘pop’ of contrast
  • For a rich tonal palette, take inspiration from Mother Nature and pair the coral with hues of blues!

Texture pairings

Experiment with various textures to find the perfect visual effect for your home:

  • Silver will have a cooling effect; this shade pairs well with both brushed or polished choices
  • Gold metals will add a warm, retro touch
  • Coral velour or velvet will continue the rich Art Deco vibe
  • Accentuate deep shades with dark woods such as cherry and mahogany
  • Lighten the aesthetic with rattan or white-washed wood
  • Concrete finishes can help introduce a more masculine balance
  • Roughen up the aesthetic with canvas, raw fabrics or loose weaves