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  • 22 December 2022

Interior design trends 2023 — if there is one word to describe the overarching theme now and next year, it’s organic. Because we are likely seeking comfort and a cocooned feeling after all the uncertainty of the last two years, interiors reflect a need to be embraced by our living spaces. As a result, we will see interior designs with curves, warm colours, and touchable textures. Not to mention continuing our desire for indoor-outdoor living.

Living Room Design Trends

Source: GlobeWest

Interior design trends 2023: Curves

There are organic curves everywhere, from armchairs and coffee tables to sofas, sideboards and kitchen islands. Arches are huge in architecture right now, either in whole or half forms, as they create hallways and entrances. Interior design trends 2023 will include walls softened through lightly textured renders or special plasters that mimic natural materials.

Coffee and side tables will look as though they are carved from one large stone, with colours leaning towards warmer hues, creams, cognacs, and biscuits. Likewise, Travertine is having a design resurgence. Meanwhile, there will still be moments of drama with black in metal arches, windows, or dining tables. However, the edges will almost always be softened and curved rather than angular.

Natural warm colours

The colour palette for interior design trends 2023 will be reminiscent in many ways of the 70’s return to nature movement, with lots of sage, pistachio, warm greys and tans, and some soft yellows and deep petrol blues. These are the most liveable colours and give a sense of relaxation and ease. The trend forecasters have also referenced Viva Magenta by Pantone, along with deep cobalt blues, pale pink and punches of burnt orange. I predict these will be reflected in small homewares, vases and accessories rather than entire homes using these bold palettes. Although I think a gorgeous armchair in Magenta would be stunning! We will undoubtedly see some drama in commercial hospitality interiors as these are always easier spaces to embrace a dynamic look and feel.

Interior design trends 2023: Touchable textures

Textures that are continuing to dominate are boucle (which I am well and truly over after seeing it everywhere for the past couple of years). At least we now see boucle in colours other than cream! Tweeds, soft leathers, and refined chenille make excellent options for soft furnishings. And a little bit of corduroy, which takes me back to my childhood flared trousers! Ribbed and contoured finishes on walls, built-in joinery, and furniture add a unique touch. Plus, painted brick and VJ panelling are still strong in creating visual interest within our homes and natural stone fireplaces. 

Living Room Design Trends

Source: GlobeWest

Outdoor embrace

Moving on to the outdoors, synthetic rattan, wicker and pale timber is still a strong and practical choice for 2023. Shapes are again rounded, and sofas will have generous padding. Outdoor lightweight concrete is excellent for sculptural coffee and side tables. I love the use of rope to create an interesting pattern in outdoor sofas and armchairs — this lightens the feel of what could be a heavy-looking piece in your entertaining area.

Living Room Design Trends

Source: Outdoor Harbour

You can also embrace the fluted and ribbed trend in the form of pots and planters to bring your outdoor space right up to date! These can look fabulous when clustered together in twos or threes at different heights. Add sculptural plants for drama and impact. 

Outdoor living rooms

Outdoor living spaces, including a kitchen, will continue in 2023 and can add value to your home. Preferably you’ll have an overhead structure to protect from heat and rain while allowing views of your garden. Outdoor fences and walls can also be an opportunity to add interest and texture. ModularWalls’ flexibility will enable you to apply various customisations, including VJ panelling, to create a wall with interest. VJ panelling works beautifully to create a coastal feel. Equally, it can look quite sophisticated, as in this project using deep charcoal walls in Dulux Monument. The modern downlights* also create a beautiful mood at night. 

Beaches Landscapes VogueWall

ModularWalls VogueWall customised with VJ panelling & integrated lights

Another option to consider on ModularWalls is tiling. For example, use subway tiles in a herringbone or basketweave pattern to create a feature. Alternatively, use natural stone cladding for a standout wall, which brings warmth to your outdoor space. Trowelled textures, such as plasters and stucco-like renders, have become popular on outdoor walls, particularly if you want to create a curved wall.

EstateWall Coastal Barn Dream

ModularWalls EstateWall customised with tiles and integrated lights — Coastal Barn Dream

Interior design trends 2023: Luscious lighting

One of the most powerful decorating choices for interior design trends 2023 is using the right lighting — as mentioned, it’s incredible at creating a mood! Finally, you can use some fantastic wall lights to amp up your interiors game, but don’t forget they can also look great outdoors! No longer are we restricted to using blinding floodlights or carriage lamps.

I love gooseneck-style wall lights, particularly in a coastal scheme. Still, they also look great in black for a more farmhouse rustic exterior. Up/downlights create an outdoor artwork that makes such an impact. The curvy trend continues in the myriad concrete wall lights that look very high-end, so consider these if you want to upgrade your space. The boulder-style wall lights from LightCo below act as outdoor sculptures with their organic forms. Just make sure any lights you choose are rated waterproof for outdoors. I also encourage investing in quality outdoor lights rather than anything with plastic as its material. Instead, look for powder-coated aluminium, cast aluminium or stainless steel.

Design Trend

Source: LightCo.

Final thoughts

It’s interesting to see how interiors revisit other eras and recreate them with a new little twist, just as fashion does! Sometimes you can let a trend pass you by or embrace it if you love it. It’s certainly nothing you MUST do. As someone who really loves organic forms and patterns, I’m enjoying this latest movement but will pick and choose what I will be using, both for my own home and those of my clients. As always, interior design trends 2023 aims to create a beautiful and personalised space that you and your family will enjoy for years. 

Written by Interior Designer Susie Trainor from Susie T Designs

*Follow the lighting manufacturer’s recommendations for electrical connection and fixing of the lights.