How strong are ModularWalls?

  • 2 minutes
  • 26 March 2021

So, you’re wondering, how strong are ModularWalls? Are they right for me? Keep watching to see company founder Nick Holden break down the durability of ModularWalls and how they stand up to the ultimate test – kids and pets.

“The composite construction of our panels has excellent impact resistance yet weighs less than 30 kilos. So, daily knocks and bumps are unlikely to affect the wall .”

How strong are ModularWalls against kids?

As you saw, this backyard TrendWall has stood the test of time. Having soccer balls and basketballs thrown at the wall day after day has no adverse effect on the walls. The added benefit of using TrendWall in this backyard meant the fence could go to 3m high. This height certainly helps ensure the ball stays in the backyard. Plus, ModularWalls provide an acoustic benefit by reducing the sound of the kids playing reaching neighbours.

TrendWall - Duplex

How do ModularWalls stand up to pets and everyday living?

With 40% of Australian homes owning a dog, we all know that our furry friends can sometimes be destructive and try to escape! Therefore, ModularWalls is an excellent choice for daily contact with pets compared to other fence types and keeping your pets secure at home. Although a cat may not appreciate the rendered wall style finish, they won’t have claw traction to scale the fence! All jokes aside, for very boisterous pets, you can always customise your wall with texture, tile, or cladding to create a pet fence that is durable and looks great. Plus, if your dog barks a lot, ModularWalls provide fantastic acoustic benefits, offering a 20dB noise reduction*.

Keilor Farm House

The durability of ModularWalls also means that whipper snippers or lawnmowers won’t damage the panels. Nevertheless, on occasion, your whipper snipper or a flying pebble may take some paint off. However, this can be easily touched up, just like with any fence. As with most jobs at home, it’s a good idea to keep a pot of paint for touch-ups. Aside from withstanding kids, pets and whipper snippers, ModularWalls are also bushfire rated to BAL29. 

We hope this has answered your question ‘how strong are ModularWalls,’ and you have confidence in the day-to-day durability of any ModularWalls systems. 

Overall, ModularWalls will withstand your little ones and your fur babies.

*Site and noise source specific.